how to make a beautiful bird

How do you get started with sketching birds?

Well, you start by watching birds. Before you begin drawing birds, start by observing them, especially the ones you are unfamiliar with. Always have your sketchbook with you, and observe the birds in your immediate vicinity. You can sketch the birds you regularly observe in the park, outside your window, by a lake, or along the coast. A bird bath placed next to a tree will allow you to watch birds as they perch and rearrange their feathers. You can draw birds to your garden by setting up a feeder or bird bath.

Materials + field sketches

A pencil and a sketchbook (or even cartridge paper) will suffice as materials; however, some artists prefer to bring watercolors for quick color addition or ink for more permanent lines. When I can, I try to always have a small sketching kit with me, but when I’m out in the field, I usually just use a regular mechanical pencil. When doing quick gestural sketches, forget about your eraser. Pay close attention, start with light lines, and finish with a bold statement. Don’t try to overdo the linework. While more meticulous, time-consuming drawings have their place, field sketching offers the advantages of careful observation and deliberate mark-making. This is something that will improve quickly with practice.

Learning the fundamentals of bird anatomy and practicing drawing from reference images—preferably your own or ones that aren’t protected by copyright—are good ways to get started with bird sketching. Since you can only draw what you understand, it’s very useful to understand things like how wings are made, how birds fold their wings when perching, and how bird feet function.

Though it can be challenging at first, learning to draw moving subjects will get easier with practice. The drawings in my sketchbooks that have a sense of movement and spontaneity are some of my favorites. You can use videos or webcam footage to practice drawing from life, or you can just go outside and sketch birds.


How do you draw a bird better?

Learn to see feather groups Studying bird anatomy will help you draw birds more accurately. Feathers grow from specific regions on the bird’s body with bare skin between them. These feather groups define the shape and contours of a bird and the patterns on the feathers relate directly to the underlying feather group.