how to keep birds off cherries

It’s no secret that many find cherries to be a delicious treat but unfortunately, birds find them tasty as well. One of the most frustrating situations is when you have a great season of cherries and pest birds take over, therefore destroying your harvest. Want to know how to keep birds out of cherry trees? These helpful tips will help you to eliminate those pest birds for good!

2. Use Scare Tactics

These objects, which include aluminum pans, colorful streamers, and fake predators, can deter birds from eating the cherry crop. However, birds can grow familiar with these tactics. To keep them intimidated, make sure to switch the items around from time to time.

It’s no secret that cherries are a tasty treat for many people, but sadly, birds also enjoy them. When you have a great cherry season and pest birds take over, ruining your harvest, that is one of the most frustrating situations. Are you wondering how to keep birds out of cherry trees? These handy hints will help you get rid of those annoying birds once and for all!

You can create a physical barrier between your cherries and the birds that would like to eat them by covering your tree with fine mesh bird netting. Just be sure the netting you choose is the appropriate size for the birds in your area and that the fruit is securely tucked inside to prevent the birds from simply picking through the netting. To create a space between the netting and the branches, you might need to construct a frame around the top of your tree.

Putting owls, hawks, and other natural predators in the vicinity of troublesome birds will make them reconsider their cherry-colored hopes. Make sure to position your plastic statues in a realistic and noticeable area and to move them around from time to time. If not, the birds will figure out your trick and come for your food. If money is not an issue, you can get a bird with a speaker that occasionally plays sounds of predators and distress calls to alert other birds to their presence.

Since this is an invitation to stay, we usually advise against doing it, but in this particular instance, there might be some advantages. Giving the birds another choice could at least lessen the impact, since your fruit tree might be one of their only food sources in the area. Just make sure to keep a close eye on its efficacy and space the feeders safely away from your tree to prevent the cherries from turning into dessert.

No one watches your fruit tree like you do when cherry picking season rolls around. Many birds have a fondness for cherries, and they will spend their days waiting impatiently to eat the first tart cherry of the season. Although it might not seem like a big deal, if you don’t keep hungry birds away from your tree, you’ll soon find that their appetite is sufficient to leave you with nothing.

3. Provide Alternate Food Sources

There are instances when birds can only find food in the cherry crop. Put feeders away from the cherry trees to provide birds with an alternative food source. Sunflower seeds, corn, and bird feed can all be used to deter obnoxious birds from visiting cherries.

Birds do not like loud noises. You can deter them by hanging wind chimes around cherry trees or creating the sounds of phony predators. Additionally, playing bird calls and distress signals can help. Similar to dummy predators, these should be switched around from time to time to prevent birds from growing too accustomed to them.


How do commercial cherry orchards keep birds away?

The most effective way to frighten birds from a field is to use a combination of noisemakers and visual repellents such as mylar streamers and “scare-eye” balloons. For example, scare-eye balloons may be attached to trees or posts that are next to electronic distress call devices.

How can I keep birds from eating my fruit?

Using visual deterrents to scare birds away. An inexpensive and easy option is reflective scare tape that you tie on tree branches or attach to posts. The tape flutters in the wind and repels birds by reflecting light. For commercial growers, dancing scarecrows have also become popular.

What birds are attracted to cherry trees?

Birds like northern cardinals and blue jays are attracted to the blossoms in the spring. When the birds eat the blossoms, excess pollen gathers on their beaks thus spreading a wealth of cherry pollen in and around the park. Birds also may trim excess blossoms which helps aid the tree in preventing disease.