how to keep birds from pooping

Many homeowners wish to extend their living space with a deck or patio. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to relax outside with friends and family. However, bird poop can turn your dream into a nightmare, causing unpleasant smells and damage to your deck.

To avoid this frustration, we’ve gathered some tips on how to keep away birds from pooping on your deck. Bird poop is a costly problem for wooden deck owners. Sure, you can (and need to) clean your decks – but there are ways to deter birds from your decks and patios.

Install a bird deterrent system

how to keep birds from pooping

You might think about adding a bird deterrent device to your gutters or roof. This can take the shape of protruding spikes from underneath it, similar to what was previously mentioned, which will prevent them from landing there at all. Another option is to try installing bird spikes on your patio or deck’s roof. This will help discourage birds from using this area for nesting, as it will be unsettling for them to land there and see spikes appearing out of nowhere!

To prevent them from perching on ledges, windowsills, and other surfaces, you can also use foil tape.

Hang a wind chime on your deck or patio to scare birds away

If there is a lot of bird activity near your home, consider hanging wind chimes outside in the spot where the birds like to build their nests. They will eventually learn to avoid that area because of the sound’s ability to frighten them away. Another option is to use an ultrasonic device, which produces high-pitched noises when birds approach near enough to hear them. Check this out! https://birdsoff. com. au/outdoor-birdlaser/.

Restore or seal your deck every few years

Consider giving the surface of your deck or patio a coat of oil if it needs some restoration. This will deter birds from landing there and keep the wood looking fresh. In addition to improving the appearance of your deck, deck oil can shield the wood from UV rays and moisture.

If everything else fails, you can always enclose your patio or deck with bird netting. By doing this, birds won’t land on or close to your outdoor area. Bird netting is a good option for people who want to be absolutely certain that no birds will come near their patio or deck because it’s inexpensive and simple to install. This can be a useful last-ditch measure to completely deter birds from landing there. It will keep them away!