how to keep birds from garden

With the summer sun and temperatures ever on the rise, its the growing season at last. And were taking every opportunity to grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables in our yard. But, whether you take the time to learn how to grow tomatoes from seeds, or how to prune grapevines, theres one unwelcome visitor that often pays a visit just when your plant is ready to harvest.

Birds are a lovely sight on most days — they are part of a healthy yard, keeping all kinds of pests at bay. In fact, if your yard lacks birds, youre likely attracting rats and mice without knowing it. But, birds can become quite destructive where your plants offer a delicious meal, or even where they get in the way of one. Fresh, upturned soil can offer an abundance of insects, and with seedlings often nearby, birds wont hesitate to peck around.

Luckily there are ways you can deter birds from making a mess of your yard and stealing your anticipated harvest. We’ve rounded up 7 ways to protect your yard from birds, so you can reap the benefits of their presence and avoid any heartbreak.

One of the most obvious methods of protecting your plants is taking advantage of mesh netting. This provides an immediate barrier and prevents birds from pecking away at ripe fruits and vegetables. An example would be this Garden Netting Pest Barrier ($26.99, Amazon). The mesh should let enough sunlight, water and air through that you can leave it in place on your plants.

Make sure your netting is sealed down so that it can’t be displaced by the wind, and to prevent any birds from getting caught inside. It’s also good practice to have your netting set on a frame rather than loosely draped on your plants — otherwise, birds can still do some damage as they try to reach any food. Don’t buy netting with holes greater than .4 inches, or you could risk harming the birds. Don’t worry — your plant will still receive everything it needs through those tiny holes.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to apply a mesh netting. The birds will be keeping an eye on the harvest as much as you, and as soon as the fruit is ripe, they will make their presence known. Remember that birds will peck at seeds as much as anything else, so your seedlings could benefit from mesh netting from the start.

Birds are wary of predators in any yard, so if your crops are guarded by a few well-placed decoys, this can really help keep them at bay. Fake cats, owls and even coyotes are available, an example being this Besmon Bird Owl ($24.99, Amazon). It helps if the decoy you use can move or react in some way to keep it life-like, for instance with a moving head. You should also relocate it regularly so birds don’t get used to its presence.

Tips for Keeping Birds Away from Your Garden

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While having birds in the garden is a good thing, if the crows are eating your corn and the jays are picking your berries, here are some tips to keep the birds out of your garden.

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Of course, it can also be a great way to keep birds away if you have a real cat or dog at home. To let birds know it’s at home, allow it to mark its territory in your yard and make frequent trips around it.

3. Grow plants birds don’t like

If birds simply won’t leave your yard alone, you might try cultivating naturally repulsive plants. You can find a natural solution based on the kind of bird you are hosting by using specific colors and scents that deter different kinds of birds. Planting a lot of white flowers around your crop could help protect birds, as white in particular is known to symbolize danger to them. Bright colors in comparison can attract birds. Thus perhaps consider what you’re growing and make changes to make it less appealing.

Some birds also detest certain strong-smelling flowers, such as lavender, garlic, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. These plants actually have the ability to repel other pests; they are among the seven plants that prevent mice and rats from entering your house. Todays best Watering Cans deals.


What deters birds from garden?

To deter birds from your garden and trees, you can use a combination of methods. Install visual deterrents like reflective tape, scarecrows, or fake predators. Employ auditory repellents like wind chimes or recordings of distress calls. Cover vulnerable plants with netting or mesh to prevent access to fruits.

What smell do birds hate?

Birds have ultraviolet receptors that see fire or smoke, even though there isn’t any with Optical Gel. Humans, meanwhile, see nothing at all. Smell. A blend of peppermint oil and citronella is proven to emit a smell that is offensive to birds but quite pleasant to humans.