how to help bird populations

In 2019, scientists documented North America’s staggering loss of nearly 3 billion breeding birds since 1970. Helping birds can be as simple as making changes to everyday habits. Here’s our quick list of 7 Simple Actions you can take to help birds.

And in case anyone asks you why bird conservation is so important, here are five specific, bedrock reasons why birds matter and an in-depth article on the economic value of birds.

Lend Us Your Eyes and Ears

Citizen science is now a vital instrument for environmental monitoring. The data obtained from the observations of knowledgeable, engaged individuals dispersed throughout the globe is of a magnitude and sophistication beyond that of satellites and computers. There’s a good chance that you can participate in a citizen science project if you have an interest in the natural world.

Help a Child Discover Birds

Fostering a child’s connection to nature not only benefits the child but also ensures a better future for birds. The child will gain a lifetime of wonder and exploration, and the birds will gain another ardent supporter. All kids require is a mentor to gently nudge them in the right direction. There are numerous options to get started in both in-school and out-of-school contexts with our K–12 Education group. Resources and inspiration can also be found at Bird Academy and Celebrate Urban Birds.

how to help bird populations

how to help bird populations

Make Windows Safer, Day and Night

Birds are killed by windows; an estimated 599 million perish annually in collisions in the U.S. S. alone. Homeowners who prioritize window safety can have a significant impact. Although skyscrapers may appear to be the primary threat, the sheer quantity of small single-family homes accounts for almost half of the annual toll. The problem is twofold: during the day, windows reflect the sky or foliage, luring migratory birds to land in them; at night, lit windows attract and kill these birds. Therefore, to deter birds from flying into your windows during the day, turn off the lights at night and consider alternatives like window tape and “zen curtains.”

Although there is always controversy surrounding outdoor and feral cats, the overall impact of millions of outdoor cats is undeniable. An estimated 2. 6 billion birds die in the U. S. and Canada each year when they are caught by cats. Additionally, cats that live outside have shorter, harsher lives due to various factors like tapeworms, leukemia, and the feline immunodeficiency virus. They can also get killed by predators, run over by cars, and sustain injuries in fights. Although many of us have cats as beloved companions, bird enthusiasts are not anti-cat; however, keeping cats indoors is beneficial for both the animal and the surrounding wildlife.

how to help bird populations

how to help bird populations


How can we help birds in a changing world?

Create a safe haven for birds in your yard or container garden by growing native plants, using fewer pesticides, and adding a bird bath. Native plants provide important food and shelter for birds and help them adapt to a changing climate.

How do you increase the number of birds?

Plant some bird-friendly plants Create an oasis for birds in your own back garden by planting a variety of bird-friendly plants, trees and shrubs. These will help to provide further shelter and nesting sites, as well as a natural food source.