how to hang apples for birds

As Im still buzzing at the Local Waxwings i was trying to think of a way of possibly attracting them to the garden if they were flying past. We have no plants with any berries on other than Honeysuckle so I though maybe I could put slices of apple on cut branches of a peach tree we have in the back garden. I then remembered I had a couple of spare feed hangers (not sure of their proper name) but they have four hooks on each one. I then sliced some cheapy apples into halves and stuck them on the hooks and then hung them in the tree. Has anyone else tried this method of putting apples out and was it successful in any way, and I dont mean just waxwings?

The tree is about 18 foot at its highest and these are at about 8 foot high.

Tools to make it easier

  • Satsuma
  • Pencil
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Food/ freezer bag clip, to avoid having to tie knots

To easily make your own apple bird feeder, just follow these instructions.

Step 1: Take out the core of the apple

how to hang apples for birds

To begin, assemble the instruments required for this undertaking.

To remove the apple’s core, use a corer. If you don’t have a corer, you could cut a hole in the apple with a screwdriver. Then, use a small knife to make the hole bigger. Note that handling a knife is difficult and carries a risk of self-cutting. You may want help, particularly if you have limited dexterity.

If an apple proves to be too difficult to core, consider using a satsuma. Push a pencil through the middle to make the hole. Continue with the steps below using your satsuma.

Step 2: Make your hanger and perch

how to hang apples for birds

Tie your string around the middle of the first stick. Make sure you leave enough string to hang your feeder. Insert the stick through the opening you created in the apple. Once the stick is out the bottom, turn it sideways.

Push your second stick into the apple. It should insert itself sideways, close to the apple’s bottom (this one doesn’t go through the core hole). It will protrude slightly on either side, and the birds will perch there to eat. When completed, sticks one and two will form a cross.

If you find tying knots to be too tedious, you can substitute the first stick with a food or freezer bag clip. Put the clip on the string and insert it through the apple’s hole. If necessary, enlarge the apple’s hole slightly so that the clip can pass through. Once out the bottom, turn the clip sideways. This will keep the apple in place.

After that, you can use the second stick as a perch by inserting it through the bottom of your apple.

Step 3: Add sunflower seeds

how to hang apples for birds

As many sunflower seeds as you like should be pressed into the apple’s outer rind. You are free to adorn them with faces or names of people!

To make the seed go in more easily, push its pointed end in first.

Since pumpkin seeds are a little bigger and simpler to handle than sunflower seeds, you could use them in place of the former.

Now that your apple feeder is prepared for hanging, it couldn’t be easier!

Step 4: Hang your feeder outside

how to hang apples for birds

Locate a sturdy branch from a tree or shrub in your yard, or a spot to hang from on your balcony. Tie the feeder to it using the string.

Birds like to feel safe when feeding. Seek out a branch that is comfortably within arm’s reach but somewhat elevated above the ground. You could assemble multiple apple feeders and arrange them in various spots throughout the garden. This will help you discover where is popular with birds.

Once more, to avoid tedious knots, create a large hanging loop at the top of the string using a food or freezer bag clip.

Finding a cozy place to sit and watch the birds fly in for a meal is all that’s left to do!

After your birds have eaten, add any leftover apple to the food waste. If you have a compost pile, you can also use it for that.

Since birds always appreciate having more food, you can always make another apple feeder when the current one runs out. An alternative homemade feeder that you might want to try is our recycled bottle bird feeder. Discover which they like best!.

It can occasionally take some time for birds to find new food sources. Please be patient and don’t panic if you don’t see birds right away!

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I was trying to think of a way to maybe draw the local waxwings to the garden if they were flying by, since I’m still in awe of them. We only have honeysuckle plants, so I reasoned that I could try placing apple slices on the broken branches of our peach tree in the backyard. Then it occurred to me that I had two extra feed hangers—I’m not sure what they’re called exactly—each of which has four hooks. After that, I cut some cheap apples in half, put them on the hooks, and hung them from the tree. I don’t just mean waxwings; has anyone else tried this method of putting apples outside and was it successful in any way?

At its tallest, the tree is roughly eight feet tall, and these are roughly eight feet high.