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Flappy Bird strategy guide: top 5 ways to score higher and stay saner at Flappy Bird, the game everyone loves to hate … or hates to love!

At least right now, Flappy Bird is the most popular game on the Play Store. The main concern for players is how to beat their friends’ scores without completely breaking their phone. Flapp Bird is an incredibly bad game whose mechanics are confusing, design is copycat, and popularity is undoubtedly the product of amazing word-of-mouth promotion. But even with all of that, or perhaps precisely because of it, we are unable to Stop. Playing. For some games, all it takes to improve at Flappy Bird more quickly is to find the appropriate cheats, hints, and tips. However, Flappy Bird is so straightforward that there are very few, if any, ways to exploit the system. But that doesnt mean you cant hack yourself.

1. Use a big screen

Even though you can play Flappy Bird entirely on an Android phone, playing it on a tablet is far more convenient. Your hands will feel less constricted, which will make it easier for you to distinguish details and reduce the possibility that your finger will obstruct your view or get in the way. Not to mention, a tablet allows you to appreciate all of the magnificent 16-bit-style artwork.

2. Find a spot for your finger

When playing Flappy Bird on an Android phone, choose a strategic spot to tap and don’t let up. The best places are the corners where the ground scrolls by because they won’t obstruct pipes coming from behind. This is especially crucial if you tap with your right hand because that’s the edge from which the pipes fly in. With a stylus, you might discover that you have even more control.

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3. Mute outside notifications

Dont let an errant phone call ruin a good run. Any notification has the potential to send your foolish little bird smashing into the ground. Turn off any alert sounds before you begin playing. You can activate blocking mode on a Samsung device.


What is the trick to Flappy Bird?

Slower is Better Flappy Bird is all about finding the right rhythm, so get used to a slower pace. This is especially true for the critical moment when you pass between pipes and score points. You move upward so quickly in this game that it’s better to aim low and give yourself room to rise.

What happens when you reach 999 in Flappy Bird?

Be sure to wait until the end, when the gamer hits a score of 999 — and faces off against what appears to be Nintendo’s Mario character. Mario’s appearance suggests that this is probably just a clone because we doubt Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen would have stolen the Mario character and used it in his game.

What is the secret of Flappy Bird?

It’s all in the timing The single most important skill in Flappy Bird is timing your taps. The game is entirely about getting the bird through the pipes without touching any part of them. That means you have to learn to keep it as level as possible.