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This walkthrough will guide you through finding all three Legendary Birds in Pokemon Sword and Shields Crown Tundra DLC.

To begin the hunt, youll need to accept Legendary Clue 3 from Peony in Freezington. LoadingPlay

Legendary Clue 3, also known as A Legendary Tree of a Legendary Three!, is the third of three main quests in Pokemon Sword and Shields Crown Tundra DLC.

This quest involves tracking down three legendary birds which have taken up residence across the three regions of Galar. Learn more using the Walkthrough below! advertisement

Although it’s uncommon to see one of these legendary Pokemon appear in the wild, it’s even more difficult to capture one. This is a result of these animals’ propensity to run away from confrontation. As seasoned gamers are aware, in Pokemon GO, each wild Pokemon has the ability to run away. Rare creates have a higher chance of fleeing.

The real difficulty is getting it to stay in a Poke Ball when players find one in the wild when the time comes. Players need to make the most of their one and only chance of staying, as it is likely to be their only chance. When a player finds a gold Razz Berry and an Ultra Ball, they will have the best chance of capturing one of these Legendary Pokemon when they land a curveball in the Excellent zone.

Galarian Moltres, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Articuno can only be found in Pokemon GO by using the Daily Adventure Incense. With the recently added feature, players can use the Incense item for free once every day for fifteen minutes. This item functions in the same way as regular Incense, but it conceals the potential for certain unique Pokemon to spawn.

Among the most sought-after creatures in Pokemon GO are Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres. Being the only ones with regional variants sets them apart from their other Legendary compatriots. However, in contrast to other regional variant Pokemon, these cannot hatch from the eggs.

Galarian Moltres, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Articuno all have the Flying typing in Pokemon GO, so players should look for these creatures in windy conditions. These circumstances significantly raise the likelihood that Flying-type Pokemon will spawn. Aside from this, one’s chances will be greatly increased by using the Daily Adventure Incense in an urban area near Pokestops that have lure modules attached.

Pokemon Sword and Shield GuideStart tracking progress

You can find all three of the Legendary Birds in the Pokemon Sword and Shields Crown Tundra DLC by following this walkthrough.

You must accept Legendary Clue 3 from Peony in Freezington in order to start the hunt. LoadingPlay.

Pokemon Sword and Shields Crown Tundra DLC has three main quests, the third of which is Legendary Clue 3, also referred to as A Legendary Tree of a Legendary Three!

The goal of this quest is to locate three fabled birds that have settled in each of Galar’s three regions. Learn more using the Walkthrough below! advertisement.

How-To Find Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres

To start this quest, you must go to Ballimere Lake and see the fabled tree. Go to the very bottom of Giants Bed, close to the split path, where the river starts. Cycle up the river until you notice a left-hand accessible shore. Go to the base of the tree by riding up onto the shore.

A cutscene displaying the three birds arriving at the tree and engaged in combat will start as you get closer to the tree. When they see you standing close by, they halt and scatter to different parts of Galar.

Peony will call you, and when you tell him you saw the three legendary birds, he will update your Legendary Clue 3 notes and give you some new information. You can start looking for the birds as soon as you get your composure back.


How do you get the three Galarian birds?

To catch the birds, you’ll need to head south from the Giant’s Bed to the large glowing tree in Dyna Tree Hill. Once you approach the tree, the three birds will arrive and begin to fight among themselves. They’ll notice you standing there and all fly off to different areas for you to find and catch.

How rare are the Legendary Birds?

Galarian forms of Legendary Birds in Pokemon GO are extremely rare and difficult to catch, with a base flee rate of 90% after the first ball. While some trainers have been lucky enough to catch Galarian Legendary Birds, others continue the search and look forward to the debut of more variants in the game.

Why are the Legendary Birds so hard to catch?

While seeing one of these Legendary Pokemon spawn in the wild is a rare chance, being able to catch one is even more difficult. This is due to these creatures’ high flee rate when encountered. As experienced players will know, every wild Pokemon has the chance to flee when encountered in Pokemon GO.