how to get coins in angry birds star wars 2

Angry Birds Star Wars II

  • I’ve finished the game and made sure I have all the coins, but I’m out of luck. Is there a level where coins restock? Is there another way to obtain coins besides in-game and in-app purchases? Will I have to erase my save?
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Angry Birds POP![]

In the game, coins can be used to purchase items like boosters and lives. They can only be purchased with real money and must be earned through difficult means like quests and event rewards. They are also used on buying gems. In the game, the player is initially given some coins, which he must use carefully to avoid running out. When the player runs out of moves, they can be purchased or viewed in a video. They are frequently used in this way.

Angry Birds Holiday[]

In the game, coins can be used for planting, decorating, purchasing buildings, and other things. They are awarded after completing missions, leveling up and other.

Angry Birds Action![]

ABAction Coin Coins appear in Angry Birds Action! with purposes, which is used to fill Chests. Theres also the gems that act similarly, but are used to revive the bird when the player runs out of birds and moves and to buy Power-Ups.

In the games[]

Players can collect coins, also known as Bird Coins, in the majority of the series’ games, beginning with Angry Birds Friends. Bird Coins are tiny gold coins bearing Red’s likeness. Some coins have different appearances in other games.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter[]

It is the primary form of currency in the game, and you can use it to pay for necessities. Gold can be obtained by:

  • The gold mine (at least 4000 gold)
  • Completing stages
  • Rewards
  • Decomposing gear

Description from the game: – The global standard currency