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There are a ton of new levels on Angry Birds Seasons that are tailored to the current season. Thus, for instance, there will be levels with a Christmas theme during the holiday, a spooky theme during Halloween, a summer theme during the summer, and so forth.

With the exception of the carousel for this season, Angry Birds Seasons keeps all the components that have contributed to the success of the series. Playing the game is identical: you must launch your birds—the same old birds—against the evil pigs in an effort to eliminate them and earn three stars.

Play Angry Birds Seasons for free

The wildly popular iPhone game Angry Birds has an Easter special in its most recent iteration, Angry Birds Seasons.

You can play all three of the Easter game’s levels in this free version of Angry Birds Seasons, in addition to three from the Valentine, Halloween, and Christmas versions (i e. three levels per version).

Angry Birds Seasons plays exactly the same as the original. It’s your job to demolish the pigs stuck in a sequence of intricate structures. To accomplish this, aim and launch your birds toward the building to smash it and strike the pigs.

An updated version of Angry Birds Seasons with a Valentine’s Day theme has been released. There are lots of pink bricks in the structures, and when you smash things up, hearts appear. The romantic theme of Angry Birds Seasons is further enhanced with the addition of a dreamy harp soundtrack.

It’s unfortunate that the developer isn’t experimenting a bit more in these seasonal updates with both the graphics and gameplay. That being said, Angry Birds Seasons’ levels of difficulty will keep you occupied until the next Christmas!

An adorable Valentine’s Day update to the well-known game series is called Angry Birds Seasons. But be advised—despite its beauty, it’s still difficult!

  • Great season-themed graphics
  • Fun, challenging gameplay
  • Variety of birds
  • Simple controls
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    Jan 31, 2023

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    iOS 4.0.1

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Can you download Angry Birds seasons?

Angry Birds Seasons for Android – Download the APK from Uptodown.

Why did Angry Birds Seasons get removed?

As the game was outdated and the full game became free in 2015, Angry Birds Seasons Free was removed from the App Store. An HD port of Angry Birds Seasons Free, with improved graphics. It was removed alongside Angry Birds Seasons Free in 2013. A Chinese port of Angry Birds Seasons.

Is Angry Birds Seasons discontinued?

In early 2019, all remaining Angry Birds games released before October 2014 (with the exception of Friends) were discontinued and removed from app stores, though Bad Piggies was added back in early 2020.