how to extract bird saliva

The Fantastic Health Benefits of Bird Saliva Nests

The answer to the question, “What makes bird’s nest soup so coveted and interesting, even without a distinct flavor?” is its special health benefits.

Since its introduction into Chinese cuisine, traditional Chinese medicine has embraced it due to its potent health benefits, which include boosting virility and promoting cell growth. Numerous academic studies have looked into the health advantages of bird saliva in recent years.

What Does Bird Saliva Taste Like?

how to extract bird saliva

Customers who are unfamiliar with bird saliva may be shocked to hear that such a rare and sought-after ingredient has an exceptionally bland flavor. Actually, the texture of edible bird’s nests—which resembles soft jelly or gelatin—is what makes their flavor the most intriguing.

Bird’s nests that are edible take on the flavor of the food they are cooked with. Cooks are able to prepare savory or sweet nests.

Crab, Chinese ham, ginger, and other umami-rich seafood flavors are frequently added to savory versions and cooked into a delectable soup.

Chinese chefs combine herbs and rock sugar to make a delicate and sweet dessert soup. The majority of the time, bird’s nest soups are served as a component of a lavish banquet meal.

Abstract An extraction method for a bird’s nest extract comprises: extracting a broken bird’s nest aqueous solution for 30 minutes to 12 hours at the temperature of 30 to 60°C, and stirring and vacuumizing the solution at the same time; then adjusting the temperature to 30 to 40°C, and adding protease for hydrolysis for 1 to 12 hours; stopping a protease reaction; and performing filtration, concentration, and sterilization, so as to obtain bird’s nest extract liquor. The method effectively retains sialic acid and protein.

 燕窝萃取粉Birds nest extract powder 燕窝萃取液Birds nest extract
分子量(kDa)Molecular weight (kDa) 重量百分比(ï¼ )Weight percentage (%) 重量百分比(ï¼ )Weight percentage (%)
>100>100 7.9-15.37.9-15.3 1.4-1.61.4-1.6
100-75100-75 11.6-20.611.6-20.6 1.4-4.41.4-4.4
75-5075-50 14.1-35.114.1-35.1 22.9-27.522.9-27.5
50-3550-35 9.4-12.69.4-12.6 2.9-25.92.9-25.9
35-2535-25 6.4-16.66.4-16.6 4.5-5.54.5-5.5
25-1525-15 16.8-3016.8-30 24.2-5624.2-56
15-6.515-6.5 0.7-3.70.7-3.7 4.1-10.74.1-10.7
<6.5<6.5 0.6-1.50.6-1.5 0.6-6.40.6-6.4
  • ä¸€ç§ç‡•çªèƒå–ç‰©çš„èƒå–æ–¹æ³•ï¼ŒåŒ å«æœ‰ï¼šA method for extracting birds nest extract, comprising: æä¾›ç‡•çªç²‰ç¢Žç‰©æ°´æº¶æ¶²ç½®äºŽååº”æ§½ä¸­è¿›è¡Œä¹³åŒ–ï¼ŒåŠ çƒ­è‡³ç¬¬ä¸€æ¸©åº¦å¹¶å°†æ‰€è¿°ååº”æ§½æŠ½å–çœŸç©ºå¹¶æŒç»­ç¬¬ä¸€æ—¶é—´ï¼Œä»¥å½¢æˆç‡•çªä¹³åŒ–æ¶²ï¼Œå ¶ä¸­æ‰€è¿°ååº”æ§½å ·æœ‰ä¹³åŒ–å™¨åŠçŽ¯ç»•æ‰€è¿°ä¹³åŒ–å™¨çš„æ æ‹Œå™¨ï¼Œæ‰€è¿°ç¬¬ä¸€æ¸©åº¦ä¸ºæ‘„æ°30至60度,且所述第一时间为30分钟至12小时;Providing an aqueous solution of birds nest pulverized material in a reaction tank for emulsification, heating to a first temperature, and vacuuming the reaction tank for a first time to form a birds nest emulsion, wherein the reaction tank has an emulsifier and surrounds the An agitator of the emulsifier, the first temperature is 30 to 60 degrees Celsius, an Time, wherein the second temperature is 30 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, and the second time is 1 to 12 hours; ç»ˆæ­¢æ‰€è¿°è›‹ç™½é ¶çš„ååº”ï¼›Terminating the reaction of the protease; 过滤所述燕窝乳化液,获得燕窝滤液;Filtering the birds nest emulsion to obtain birds nest filtrate; 浓缩所述燕窝滤液,并将所述浓缩后的燕窝滤液进行灭菌处理,以获得燕窝萃取液。The birds nest filtrate is concentrated, and the concentrated birds nest filtrate is sterilized to obtain a birds nest extract
  • 如权利要求1所述瞄萃取方泎¯Žï¼Œè¿›ä¸€æ­¥åŒ 括将所迵衊冻幹瑄步骧,以制戥篧秵å·á¹¹ï¹¹¯á¹¯á¹¹¹¯á¹¹¹¹¹¯¯áƒ¹¯ ƒ¹ ¹ ƒ¹ ƒƒæƒƒƒ
  • 如权冩要求1æ‰€è¿°ç„èƒå–æ–¹æ³Žï¼Œå ¶ä¸­åœ¨æ‰€è¿°ä¹³åŒ–æ­¥éª§ä¹§ä¹­ï¼Œæ‰ç„ç„ç„áŒ‡áŠ¯áŠ¯¯»´æŒåœ¯åŠ¯áŠ¯áŠ¯áŠ¯¯¯¯æ…åŠïŠ¯¯…¹æ…求1所述琄åæ±ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ
  • 如权利要求3æ‰€è¿°çš„èƒå–æ–¹æ³•ï¼Œå ¶ä¸­åœ¨æ‰€è¿°ä¹³åŒ–æ­¥éª¤ä¸­ï¼Œæ‰€è¿°ä¹³åŒ–å™¨çš„è½¬é€Ÿä¸ºæ¯åˆ†é’Ÿ1200~3600è½¬ï¼Œä¸”æ‰€è¿°æ æ‹Œå™¨çš„è½¬é€Ÿä¸ºæ¯åˆ†é’Ÿ10~60转。The extraction method according to claim 3, wherein in the emulsification step, the speed of the emulsifier is 1200 to 3600 rpm, and the rotation speed of the agitator is 10 to 60 rpm
  • 如权利要求1æ‰€è¿°çš„èƒå–æ–¹æ³•ï¼Œå ¶ä¸­ç»ˆæ­¢æ‰€è¿°è›‹ç™½é ¶çš„ååº”çš„æ­¥éª¤æ˜¯å°†æ‰€è¿°ç‡•çªä¹³åŒ–æ¶²åŠ çƒ­è‡³æ‘„æ°50~70度并持续30~120分钟。The extraction method according to claim 1, wherein the step of terminating the reaction of the protease is to heat the birds nest emulsion to 50 to 70 degrees Celsius for 30 to 120 minutes
  • 如权利要求1æ‰€è¿°çš„èƒå–æ–¹æ³•ï¼Œå ¶ä¸­è¿‡æ»¤æ‰€è¿°ç‡•çªä¹³åŒ–æ¶²çš„æ­¥éª¤åœ¨ç¬¬äºŒåŽ‹åŠ›ä¸‹è¿›è¡Œï¼Œä¸”æ‰€è¿°ç¬¬äºŒåŽ‹åŠ›ä¸º400~720托。The extraction method according to claim 1, wherein the step of filtering the birds nest emulsion is carried out at a second pressure, and the second pressure is 400 to 720 Torr
  • 如权利要求1æ‰€è¿°çž„èƒå–æ¼¹æ³Žï¼Œå ¶ä¸­æµ“ç¼©æ‰€è¿°ç¯§çªæ»§é¶¹åŠïŠïŠ¯ä¸º600ï½720执O丫2ï½4倍。 The extraction method as per claim 1, wherein the step of concentrating the birds nest filtrate has a pressure of 600 to 720 Torr and a concentration ratio of two to four times
  • 如权利要求1æ‰€è¿°çž„èƒå–æ–¹æ³•ï¼Œå ¶ä¸­å°†æ‰€è¿›è¡Œç­èŒå§„ç†ç„æ­¥éª¤æ˜¯ä¾å·´åƒ·ä¾…å·¹åƒ·ä¾…å·¹åƒ·ä¾…å·Šå¹¹å¹…¹å¹…¹æ¹…¹æ¹ƒ¹æ¹ƒ¹æ¹ƒ¹æ¹ƒ
  • 如权利要求1æ‰€è¿°çž„èƒå–æ–¹æ³Žï¼Œå ¶ä¸­æ‰€è¿°è›‹ç™½é ¶ä¸ºæœ¨ç“œé ¶ã€èƒ°è°‹ç™½è„¢ã€æˆ–è èé ¶ä¸­çž„è‡³å°‘ä¸€ç§ã€‚
  • %20%20%C3%A5%C2%A6%C2%82%C3%A6%C2%9D%C2%83%C3%A5%C2%88%C2%A9%C3%A8%C2%A6%C2%81%C3%A6%C2%B1%C2%821%C3%A6%C2%88%C2%962%C3%A6%C2%89%C2%80%C3%A8%C2%BF%C2%B0%C3%A7%C2%9A%C2%84%C3%A8%C2%90%C2%83%C3%A5%C2%8F%C2%96%C3%A6%C2%96%C2%B9%C3%A6%C2%B3%C2%95%C3%AF%C2%BC%C2%8C%C3%A5%20%C2%B6%C3%A4%C2%B8%C2%AD%C3%A6%C2%89%C2%80%C3%A8%C2%BF%C2%B0%C3%A7%C2%87%C2%95%C3%A7%C2%AA%C2%9D%C3%A8%C2%90%C2%83%C3%A5%C2%8F%C2%96%C3%A6%C2%B6%C2%B2%C3%A6%C2%88%C2%96%C3%A7%C2%87%C2%95%C3%A7%C2%AA%C2%9D%C3%A8%C2%90%C2%83%C3%A5%C2%8F%C2%96%C3%A7%C2%89%C2%A9%C3%A5%C2%8C%20%C3%A5%C2%90%C2%AB%C3%A6%C2%9C%C2%89%C3%AF%C2%BC%C2%9BThe%20extraction%20method%20according%20to%20claim%201%20or%202,%20wherein%20the%20birds%20nest%20extract%20or%20birds%20nest%20extract%20is%20contained;%20%201%C3%AF%C2%BC%20%C3%A8%C2%87%C2%B313%C3%AF%C2 5kDaçš„è›‹ç™½è´¨å æ€»è›‹ç™½è´¨å«é‡ä¸º0. 6ï¼ ï½ž6. 4%C3%AF%C2%BC%20%C3%A9%C2%87%C2%8D%C3%A9%C2%87%C2%8F%C3%A7%C2%99%C2%BE%C3%A5%C2%88%C2%86%C3%A6%C2%AF%C2%94%C3%A3%C2%80%C2%82%204% from 2015 to 2015 based on the protein’s weight, where the protein has a molecular weight distribution ranging from 2010 0 Da to 300 kDa, and where the protein of less than 206 5 kDa comprises from 0. 6% to 6. 4% by weight of the total protein content.
Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
PCT/CN2015/084769 WO2017012088A1 (en) 2015-07-22 2015-07-22 Extraction method for birds nest extract


How do they harvest bird saliva?

Farmers have to scale ladders to obtain their harvest, removing each nest gently from the ceilings and ledges where the birds have built homes. They then have to clean the nests and remove any feathers and dirt before cooking them.

Where do you get bird saliva from?

The nests of the tragicomically named Edible-nest swiftlet (Aerodramus fuciphagus) — a small, brown aerial bird rather like a swallow — are made largely of their dried saliva, and are harvested from cliff sides where these birds nest in colonies. These make up the major ingredient of the dish.

What is bird saliva good for?

Researchers found that bird saliva and other components in swallow’s nests “effectively accelerates the proliferation and the antibody secretion of the cells.” In layman’s terms, bird saliva jump-starts a body’s ability to produce immune-system cells that fight disease, boosting overall body health.

What soup recipe is made from the extracted bird’s saliva?

The bird’s nest soup is an edible-nest-swiftlet which is found mostly in South-east Asia and is build with saliva. The nests are rich in protein and therefore highly demanded.