how to drink bird nest

If you’re open-minded about trying new foods and learning about new cultural cuisines, you might have heard about edible bird’s nest.

Of course, you may have a few questions about this delicacy and all the health benefits it offers or you may be wondering, ‘is it actually bird spit?’.

2. Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Soup

how to drink bird nest

Modern consumers no longer have to endure the laborious washing and preparation necessary for traditional bird’s nests, thanks to Golden Nest. A selection of cooked and ready-to-eat bird’s nest soup is available at Golden Nest. Simply open a bottle and serve when convenient. The consumer will be pleased to discover that Golden Nest swallow nest soup is quite similar to the traditional version in terms of flavor, aroma, and texture when they open a bottle. Golden Nest’s dedication to hand washing and bleach-free preparation allows for this. Because of all of this, Golden Nest bird’s nest soup is safe for the elderly and nursing mothers, meeting the strictest quality and safety standards. By replacing regular sugar with USDA organic sugar, which is made without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or bleaching agents (chemical whitener), this product has also improved upon the traditional recipe. A similar sweetness is produced by adding USDA organic sugar, even though 2010% less sugar is used than in bird’s nest soups (which are cooked with conventional sugar). For a selection of Golden Nest bird’s nests, click here.

What is Edible Bird’s Nests?

how to drink bird nest

What are edible bird’s nests, then? Edible bird’s nests are precisely what their name suggests: bird nests. In particular, these nests—made of dried bird poop—belong to a species of swallow birds found in Southeast Asia. Chefs and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine in China hold great regard for this peculiar delicacy. In Chinese culture, bird’s nests are considered the healthiest food. Thanks to contemporary innovation, there are a tonne of inventive new ways to savor this wonderful treat that honors tradition without compromising its health advantages.

What are some of the health benefits of Bird’s Nest?

Health benefits birds nestBird’s nests are a central part of Chinese medicine and are believed to offer many health benefits. From healthier pregnancies to stronger immune systems, people gain a lot of nutrients and health benefits from eating this delicacy. A group of Chinese scientists conducted a study to determine if eating bird’s nest benefited a person’s immune system. By introducing radiation to mice and then feeding them edible bird’s nest, they determined that the mice recovered the lost white blood cells, a central part of the body’s immune system. They believe this production of white blood cells came from unique proteins found in the nests. These same proteins exist in the bird’s nest you can purchase for cooking and you can reap the benefits. Bird’s nests contain six hormones, including testosterone and estradiol. Testosterone is known to build muscle, lower fat, relieve depression and a variety of other benefits. Estradiol is a type of estrogen. Its benefits include preventing osteoporosis and relieving menopause symptoms. The levels of estradiol are low enough that pregnant women and men can enjoy the edible nests. In Southeast Asia, studies have shown that bird’s nest can promote eye health and speed healing after a cornea trauma. Chinese women coveted bird’s nest and swear it helps with their complexion. For men, it’s believe that the edible bird’s nest promotes virility and offers a natural aphrodisiac. With so many health benefits for you, it’s no wonder this delicacy became known as the ‘caviar of the east’.


What is the best way to drink birds nest?

Best way to consume Consume BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest in a number of ways. Chill or warm the bottle to your liking, or simply take it straight from the bottle at room temperature for convenience. You can also add a little warm water into an opened bottle before drinking.

When should I drink bird nest?

The best time to consume a bird’s nest drink is usually in the morning when you are still on an empty stomach. The average person should consume at least 2g – 3g of dry bird’s nest drinks daily to receive its optimal nutritional value. Any excessive consumption will be discharged by the body.

Is it safe to drink birds nest?

Potential downsides and restrictions Some people are allergic to edible bird’s nests and could experience life-threatening anaphylaxis after consuming. The saliva of the swiftlets, insects eaten by the swiftlets, mites living in the nests, and cleaning practices of the nests may all be sources of allergens ( 3 ).

Can you eat bird nest raw?

Traditional Raw Bird’s Nest Chinese chefs take the swallow bird nests and meticulously clean and soak them for impurities such as feathers or debris that can become trapped within the nests. This traditional method is very time-consuming and the entire process can last upwards to a day.