how to draw an umbrella bird

In this quick tutorial youll learn how to draw an Umbrella Cockatoo in 10 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The s above represent how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

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How to Draw an Umbrella Cockatoo – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Let’s begin by sketching the general shape of the umbrella cockatoo’s head and massive, fluffy crest. Create the outline by drawing tiny curves that resemble clouds.

Step 2: Draw a small circle for the eye in the center of the previous outline and fill it in. Draw the two hook-shaped beaks using small curved lines.

Step 3: For the outer line of the Cockatoo’s right wing, draw a curved line and a few dashes as indicated in the

Step 4: Create a second curved line to represent the left wing’s outer line of the cockatoo.

Step 5: Use softly curved lines to depict the umbrella cockatoo’s slender right leg. Draw the claws at the extremities of the legs with thin, curved lines.

Step 6: Sketch the umbrella cockatoo’s left leg and claws as they are depicted in the step before.

Step 7: Draw two slightly wavy lines in the area between the umbrella cockatoo’s claws to give the impression that the bird is perched on a tree branch.

Step 8: For the body of the umbrella cockatoo, draw a long V-shape below the legs and continue it below the tree branch.

Step 9: Draw two lines that are slanted away from the cockatoo’s body to depict its tail. Create a softly wavy line to represent the edge of the tail feathers.

Step 10: To depict the umbrella cockatoo’s feather patterns, draw tiny, curved lines along its crest, wings, body, and tail. You can add shading to your drawing of the umbrella cockatoo once you’ve finished it.

Even though I anticipated a strange bird when I first heard the name Umbrella Bird, this bird’s shape managed to surprise me. I was drawn to its peculiar feathers and knew it had to be in the book. Even though it’s not very colorful, drawing it is a lot of fun. Without further Ado, here’s how to draw an Umbrella Bird!.

Make a 1.

Draw a circle. Make sure you are aware of the diameter’s length; that will be referred to as one unit. In the ensuing steps, we’ll use it for proportion measurement.

Draw an S shape that is one unit long along the line that is directly below the body. Drawing a shallow curve 1 back, about 1/4 of a unit in

Connect the curve to the body with a squiggly line. Draw two concentric circles to form the eye in the head.