how to draw a seahawk bird

Learn how to draw raptors, that is hawks, eagles, and owls. We will explore anatomy and drawing techniques to help you with fast sketching and detailed drawings. We will also examine how to draw birds from the 3/4 angle. Drawing an owl from this angle is particularly interesting and fun. Filmed live with the National Audubon Society.

Learn how to sketch raptors, which include owls, hawks, and eagles. We will study anatomy and sketching methods to help you produce detailed drawings quickly. Additionally, we’ll look at how to sketch birds using the 3/4 angle. Drawing an owl from this perspective is especially enjoyable and fascinating. Filmed live with the National Audubon Society.

Step 5: Make a tiny mark far down on the lower right side of the raptor’s body to serve as a guide for drawing the lower half of its body. Now draw curved lines from the mark to the large circle to create a massive upside-down arc. This arc ought to be somewhat longer than the large circle’s diameter. Make the bottom of the arc narrow.

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Step 1: To represent the upper portion of the osprey or sea hawk’s body, draw a circle close to the center of the paper. To measure the height and width of the circle, first make four marks. Then connect the marks using curved lines. Draw as lightly as possible at first for each step so that it can be easily erased if something goes wrong. If you’re having trouble drawing the circle, try tracing the circumference of a coin or a lid. Check out this tutorial: Four easy ways to draw a circle for a more thorough explanation of the various methods.

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to draw this Osprey step-by-step. After each step, pause the video to continue drawing at your own pace. The detailed drawings below the video might be easier for you to follow. Each step’s new lines are indicated in red so you can see exactly what to draw next. You might want to use both drawing techniques and view the video in a new tab. Take your time and draw at your own pace.