how to decorate a bird house

An easy and striking centerpiece can be created by decorating with bird houses and accessories. I recently did this for a friend’s dining table. I began with her exquisite bird house and finished it off with a copper tray to match the quaint church-styled home’s trim. A few ornamental birds were added after the base was layered with new moss, lichen-covered branches, sprigs of Carolina jasmine, and Spanish moss. A glass cloche encases a tiny bird’s nest. (Thanks, Mary Beth Davis, for letting me share this photograph!) .

One of my favorite spots to make arrangements is on the back porch at my rustic wooden table. I usually use the table unadorned or with a simple moss runner, but it can be fun to dress it up with a white tablecloth for a more formal look. To begin with, I selected two birdhouses that were gifts from a friend. The smaller one was elevated on a wooden pedestal.

“How old is the bird cage?” she inquired one day while we were visiting. I replied, “About 100 years old.” “Oh, as old as you!” was her response. I have been laughing at that for a very long time. Is that too funny?

There is a vibrant pink bird in our guest bathroom that goes well with my grandma’s handmade wall decorations.

I have always liked birds. Birds and Birdhouses in Home Decor. Wow. As I considered writing this post, the number of birds and birdhouses I own dawned on me.

As you can see, adding variety to home decor can be creative and enjoyable with Birds and Birdhouses, My Collection (Maybe an Obsession). To add birds and birdhouses, you don’t even need to have a traditional house, cottage, or farmhouse. They can work anywhere or any space.

Things are getting back to normal around our house. Since I was gone for a long time, I am cooking, sewing, and doing laundry for my husband. I’m back and ready to share with you my collection of birds and birdhouses—possibly an obsession.


What colors attract birds to bird houses?

Birds like to live in birdhouses that are camouflaged-colored: grey, green, brown. While attractive to humans, colorful birdhouses can cause lethal harm to birds inhabiting them. Avoid painting the inside of a birdhouse or around the lip of the entrance hole.

What not to do when building a birdhouse?

Never use creosote-treated wood as creosote may kill the eggs or chicks. Use galvanized nails, as these will not rust. Birdhouses need not be painted, but the box may last longer if you paint the outside. Never paint the inside of a birdhouse.