how to cut bird of paradise


  • When pruning, wear thick safety gloves because you’ll be handling sharp shears. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0 .
  • Avoid using hedge trimmers on your Bird of Paradise because they may harm the plant permanently. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0 .
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If you prune the brightly colored Bird of Paradise flower after it has finished blooming, it can grow to be incredibly large. Look for brown, withered flowers, and trim the stems of any such growths as close to the plant’s base as you can. Additionally, after flowering is finished, these plants’ big green leaves have the potential to turn brown, so trim or remove any extra brown foliage. If your plant is just getting too big, trim the stem and leaves down to the base to remove the outermost portion of the plant. If the plants are dense, cut them all the way to about one foot off the ground with a pruning saw. This will allow you to make room for new growth by removing any old foliage. Continue reading for additional advice from our co-author who is a horticulturist, including how to protect your Bird of Paradise plants from frost damage.

How to Trim a Bird of Paradise

Trimming is distinct from pruning, in my opinion, and thinning is something else entirely. Trimming is the process of removing a small portion of a plant that is diseased, dead, or damaged. A bird of paradise can be trimmed whenever you choose because there is little chance of damage because you are only taking out a small portion of the plant. To avoid bringing in and spreading disease, you should always have sanitized equipment, safety gear, and sharp tools on hand when cutting into a plant.

A clean way to trim a bird of paradise is to remove only the damaged material up to where it joins the main body of the plant. This prevents dead stems from detracting from the plant’s aesthetic appeal. Retain any leaves with more than 50% live tissue.


What to do when Bird of Paradise gets too big?

Prune the leaf stem or flower stalk at the base of the plant. If your plant is getting too big, remove outer leaves to reduce the overall size. It’s best to do this in the early spring before new growth begins.

How do you prune a false Bird of Paradise?

Pruning. Once flowering is over, cutting back the stems on your heliconia rostrata is helpful. This encourages new sucker growth for the following season. Other than that, simply remove any damaged or dying foliage.