how to carve wooden birds

How can a person make something that will have an impact on the lives of many people?

How is that the creation then starts to live its own life, be picked up by people and reproduced and become something known everywhere in the world? Well, although this happens quite often, we don’t know how it happens or what makes the creation so perfect and useful that the humanity accepts it into its life as if it has always been there. It is always a mystery, but one of such mysteries is unfolding now before our eyes. I’m talking about comfort birds.

The author humbly explains that he just got an idea to make a comfort bird when he looked at a small painted bird made for Christmas ornament by a friend. Since this day in 1982, a wood carver from Pennsylvania Frank Foust has made over 1000 birds and he is planning to continue this project. It takes Frank about 2 hours to make a bird. He uses different kinds of hardwood, among them is cherry, walnut, maple, mahogany, and other kinds of wood. Frank aims in making birds with pretty grain pattern on them. The color of the wood and the grain pattern give each bird its individual unique beauty. Frank never keeps the money received from this project; he sells the birds raising money for charity. For example, he was able to send $1 000 for the Haitian earthquake relief fund. That is how the birds are twice helpful. The money raised from them helps people in need, but those who buy the birds usually give them away. The little helpers are given to sick people, to those who are in pain mentally or physically, who have suffered loss, or to those who are struggling with depression or just need comfort. Holding this bird, a person feels comforted, and the stress goes away.

Maybe because a comfort bird has a simple shape and a smooth, nice-to-touch texture. The wood that it is made of is beautiful and calming to look at. The whole bird brings out the thoughts of hope, peace and good news. Maybe because even the money that was paid for the birds was used to help people. Maybe because the birds are given with love and remind people that they are not alone, that there is someone who cares for them. We don’t know exactly how, but apparently it works because these birds are popular now, they have already traveled around the globe and are known not only in Americas but in Europe and China. You can find many carving tool kits here.

There is not much information about him, but there is a lot of little birds everywhere seeking to bring peace and love to those who need it. Everybody can carve a comfort bird, it is simple in form but is beautiful, has an amazing story behind it, and makes a wonderful gift. And its to carve a bird with BeaverCraft Comfort Bird Carving Kit!.

Step 3: Cut Wood Following the Lines

how to carve wooden birds

how to carve wooden birds

how to carve wooden birds

You dont need special techniques for this. Just make sure to follow the lines.

Your hands will be assisting you in working in the proper positions in a short while.

Although if youre too afraid, then BeaverCraft has a detailed tutorial in a kit that can help you out.

Essential Tools and Materials for Comfort Bird Carving

A Comfort Bird carving project might be ideal for you if you’re interested in wood carving and want to try making a lovely and meaningful piece of art.

But in order to ensure the project’s success, you must first gather all the necessary supplies and tools before beginning the step-by-step instructions on how to carve a Comfort Bird.

Tools for carving a Comfort Bird:

  • Carving Knife. Any wood carving project requires a sturdy and sharp carving knife. It will make shaping and cutting the wood easier and more accurate.
  • DIY Kit. Purchasing an all-in-one DIY carving kit is a great option if you’re just starting out. It includes all the required equipment and supplies, such as a Comfort Bird pattern, safety tape, wooden blocks, stropping tools, sandpaper, and an understandable bird carving instruction manual.

Materials for carving a Comfort Bird:

  • Wood. Basswood or cherry would make excellent wood choices for this project. Their smooth grain and soft texture accentuate the birds’ natural appearance. They are also easy to carve.
  • Sandpaper. To sand and smooth the bird’s surface, you’ll need sandpaper with varying grits.
  • Beeswax. It is necessary to preserve and amplify the birds’ inherent beauty.
  • Bird pattern. You will also need a template for carving the bird .

Step 1: Prepare Comfort Bird Pattern

Create a pattern to work from before you begin carving. You can make your own pattern or find one online that can be printed. The pattern should include the birds shape, beak, and tail.


How do you carve shapes into wood?

Carve in a downward direction onto the parallel lines of grain. Note, if the wood seems to be tearing, and your tools are sharp, then you are probably going in the wrong direction. Turn around and carve in the opposite direction.