how to bird call with hands

Step 3: Move Right Hand Down

how to bird call with hands

Now take your right hand and move it down onto your left hand by pivoting it on the left edge where your hands are touching. To complete this step, you shouldn’t have to raise your hand.

Step 4: Cup Hands and Align Thumbs

how to bird call with hands

Take both hands and wrap one hand around the other’s fingertips. The right hand’s thumb will be positioned lower than the left hand’s thumb. Align both thumbs by raising the left thumb while keeping your hands together. Now that your hands are in the proper position, make the bird call.

Step 1: Getting the Hands in the Proper Position

This tutorial’s first section will demonstrate how to properly position your hands to produce the desired sound.

Introduction: Bird Call Hands

how to bird call with hands

How to make the bird call sound with your hands


  • Question: Can you call a bird with just your mouth? Hayden Hansen Community Answer: Birds only pay attention to the whistles of their own kind. Yes, you can if you can figure out how to blow the whistle.
  • Goat Community Answer: It doesn’t matter that I’m nine years old; you can still succeed. You can accomplish anything if you put in your best effort and have two hands.
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  • Make sure your hands don’t have any openings that allow air to escape if you’re having trouble bird whistling. To achieve a better seal, try adjusting your hands and relaxing your fingers. [14] Thanks Helpful 4 Not Helpful 2 .
  • Keep your hands steady while exhaling. Any jostling movements can stop the bird whistle from sounding. So, make sure to only move your fingers. To gain a sense of the necessary motion, you can begin by simply moving your fingertips. Once you are more comfortable, you can then lift more fully. Thanks Helpful 14 Not Helpful 7 .
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How do you make a loud bird call?

The backs of your hands should be facing you, and should roughly resemble the shape of a bird with outstretched wings. Press your lips to your thumbs and blow against the blade of grass. If done correctly, you should hear a high-pitched whistle or squeaking sound.