how to beat death rite bird

Where to find Death Rite Bird in Elden Ring

Death Rite Birds can be found in:

Death Rite Bird Combat information

  • Standard: 10
  • Slash: 10
  • Strike: -40
  • Pierce: 35
  • Magic: 20
  • Fire: 20
  • Lightning: 40
  • Holy: -40

The negation numbers represent the 20% of your damage that is blocked. For instance, if a negation is 60, then 20%400% of the damage caused by that kind will pass through and 20%600% will be negated. Bigger number = less damage. If the negation is 100, then no damage is transmitted, and if it is -100, then the enemy receives twice as much damage from that source. 0 means damage goes pretty much as is.

Elden Ring Death Rite Bird Boss (Academy Gate Town)

  • This is an optional boss
  • Closest Site of Grace: Gate Town North
  • Multiplayer is allowed for this boss
  • You cannot summon Spirit Ashes for this boss

Elden Ring Death Rite Bird Boss Guide

The Best Tips for Death Rite Bird:

  • Holy Water Pots are susceptible to Holy Damage due to their inherent weakness, and they have an inherent 400% damage bonus against undead enemies, which can cause massive damage even at low faith.
  • Another excellent method for non-Faith builds to deal Holy damage is with the Sacred Blade skill.
  • When locked onto the Death Rite Bird’s head, use Fallingstar Beast Jaws’ skill, Gravity Bolt, to swiftly break its stance.
  • Right beneath or behind the Death Rite Bird are examples of blind spots, but ghostflame can restrict even these areas.
  • When locking onto its head, exercise caution because it moves swiftly and can easily throw you off. If you’re not actively trying to attack it, it’s a good idea to stay locked on its body and only lock onto its head.
  • By default, stay on foot, and only use Torrent momentarily to avoid certain attacks. A Death Rite Bird has a long enough reach on its poker to clip you even when you’re sprinting at top speed on Torrent, and it can leap a considerable distance. Its ghostly fame’s passive damage will also quickly get you off your horse. Even players with range should aim to stay slightly outside of its attack range and maintain the ability to quickly move out of the way.

After each attack, stay near its hind legs, time your dodges, and land a few swings. Dont get greedy and attack more than a few times.

O Holy Fight: Because Death Rite Birds are both undead icon 40px Undead and weak to Holy damage, melee builds with high Faith will have a particularly easy time defeating them. The Orders Blade sorcery is easy to get and will give your weapon a tremendous damage boost against this boss.

If your HP is low, many of its abilities can deal you a single blow. Many more cause lingering ghostflame, which deals damage over time over a large area, or deal ghostflame chip damage even if you block it. It’s challenging to locate a safe opportunity to attack from a distance because of this, as well as its quick close range and ability to attack again even as you dodge. It’s also challenging to remain in the safer spots behind them and close to their feet because of the residual ghostflame. Play it safe, concentrate on surviving, and only engage in combat when you’re sure you can do it without risk.

Its Litany: For Faith-based magic builds, Litany of Proper Death will make short work of this fight. Because Death Right Birds are both undead icon 40px Undead and weak to Holy damage, it will do a whopping 1400% extra damage. Just be aware that it will only work when the Death Rite Bird is touching the ground, so time the incantation carefully.

Attack Description Counter
The Death Rite Bird shares most of its attacks and counters with the Deathbird. Be aware that most of these attacks do additional magic damage and inflict Frostbite.
Flying Sweep Flies up and then back down in a corkscrew motion before swinging its poker clockwise Run towards it and dodge when you see it tuck its hand towards its body
Flying Swing Flies into the air briefly and then dives down, swinging its poker counterclockwise Roll forward once you see its hand become level with its body
Ghostflame Ignition (Burst) Summons an orb of ghostflame as part of its normal Stab or Jab attack, then slams its poker down on this orb creating a devastating ghostflame explosion. Uses this instead of Ghostflame Ignition (Trail) when youre close by after a Stab or Jab Roll forward to avoid the explosion and use the opportunity to land a hit
Ghostflame Ignition (Trail) Summons an orb of ghostflame as part of its normal Stab or Jab attack, then swings its rod clockwise to send a trail of ghostflame towards you. Uses this instead of Ghostflame Ignition (Trail) when youre far away after a Stab or Jab Dodge to the side, or just run sideways if you notice the orb in time
Spearcall Ritual Flies away backwards, then spreads its wings wide, releasing dozens of spears to rain down upon you. Each spear is telegraphed by a glowing white circle on the ground. More spears land in a denser formation closest to the bird and at the beginning of the attack, while they are more spread apart the further away they get and as the attack goes on When you see the Death Rite Bird flying away, get on Torrent and ride away, give it a chance to do Ancient Death Rancor, then come back and dismount
Ancient Death Rancor Hunches down on the ground, then sends dozens of ghostflame feathers flying towards you. The feathers have decent tracking and can easily stunlock you if youre not careful. Sprint sideways and dodge any incoming feathers that happen to be in your path. Getting hit by any feathers can stagger you, causing you to get hit by subsequent feathers
Explosive Ghostflame Holds its poker upright, charging it, then slams it into the ground imbuing the ground nearby with lingering ghostflame Maintain a medium distance away from the bird and then avoid the ghostflame on the ground. Ranged players can use the charge-up time to get in a few hits
  • These animals are worshipped by the Ravenmount Assassins, who even modeled their armor after them.