how to apply bird repellent gel

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This sticky repellent may trap small birds and kill them. Pay close attention to all instructions in order to minimize risks to legally protected species and to ensure that the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act is followed. Keep out of lakes, ponds, and streams. Using this product in a way that deviates from its labeling is against federal law. Before starting, carefully read the instructions and take all necessary precautions.

I want to express my gratitude to the friendly salesperson for pointing me in the right route. She brightened my day! I had a lot of common house sparrows invading my aluminum canopy, making nests, raising their young, and generally being a real pain. It got so bad, we couldn’t enjoy sitting outdoors. After removing the nests, grass, etc. I used Bird-Proof Gel on the gutter ledges for one application, and to my surprise, the birds disappeared. After I applied the Gel, not a single bird flew into the canopy. It appears as though they suddenly realized something was off. It’s a great product. — Joel J.

There were two locations that pigeons found particularly attractive. Wow, what a mess we had with them! Both were beneath the eaves on the upstairs, where two distinct roof lines converge. Since getting up there was nearly impossible, my husband had the brilliant idea to apply the Bird Proof Gel by leaning out the window and using a roller that was attached to a telescoping rod. We had at least 40 to 50 pigeons on our roof every day and night before Bird-X, and our neighbors thought we were crazy, but boy did that stuff work! Now – ZERO!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! — Diane.

When used as directed, Bird Proof® Gel is non-toxic and does not damage birds. The gel requires very little maintenance and can last up to a year. When a structure has been treated with Bird Proof® Gel, birds usually don’t return. Ten linear feet are effectively covered by each tube (a case of twelve covers 120 linear feet).

Use Bird Proof® Gel to deter “nuisance birds” from perching or roosting on ledges, sills, beams, rafters, and hundreds of other indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is a long-lasting, non-poisonous gel. For up to a year, when used as directed, Bird Proof Gel transparent repellent can successfully deter pigeons, starlings, house sparrows, and other bothersome birds from roosting on or visiting a treated area.

Sticky Bird Repellent Gel

A sticky repellent called Transparent Bird Gel is used to stop birds from landing on horizontal surfaces. Birds are discouraged from perching on ledges, I-beams, parapet walls, signs, conduits, pipes, and other objects by using this repellent gel. This product should not be used around protected bird species.

  • Designed for Pigeons & Starlings
  • Applies easily with a caulking gun
  • One tube covers approximately 10-ft
  • Lasts up to 6 months outdoors!
  • Size: *Required

A sticky repellent called Transparent Bird Gel is used to stop birds from landing on horizontal surfaces. When Bird Gel is applied to landing spots, birds will choose to move on to a more comfortable area because they dislike the sticky feeling on their feet. For up to six months, transparent bird gel can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces where birds are landing. Never apply transparent bird gel to a vertical surface. For larger birds like starlings and pigeons, transparent bird gel works well. This product should not be used around protected bird species. Use on ledges, pipes, conduits, parapet walls, I-beams, signs, and more is advised. One tube covers 10’.

Transparent Bird Gel Features and Benefits

  • Creates a sticky surface that birds avoid
  • Humane – not harmful to birds and people
  • Not to be used in areas where other bird species are present; intended only for pigeons and starlings.
  • Economical & effective
  • Applies easily with a caulking gun
  • Effective at wide temperature extremes: 15 deg. F to 200 deg. F.
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Super fast & easy to install
  • One tube covers 10 (120/case)
  • Lasts up to 6 months outdoors!

Commercial Pricing Available: 800-392-6915

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How effective is bird repellent gel?

It is very effective and durable but harmless to the birds. It just feels sticky to their feet and they stay off. It annoys them. Be careful applying it or you will learn firsthand, how well it works.

How do you use bird repellent?

Coverage & Placement. Simply mount the dispenser in a discreet location, lift the cover and insert a cartridge containing a powerful 20% concentration of (MA), replace the cover, and walk away. Each cartridge will repel birds from a 20’x 20′ x 20′ area (8,000 cu. ft.)

How does bird barrier optical gel work?

How it works: Deters birds by using sight, smell and touch. Birds see fire or smoke, although there isn’t any. They dislike the scent of peppermint oil. The gel is sticky if they do touch it.