how to add birds in lightroom

Lightroom tutorial showing how to add realistic birds and clouds to your s with one click using brushes from Meridian presets.

Step 7: Clarity, Texture, Dehaze And Contrast

Increasing texture will highlight the details and sharpness of objects in the near focal range of the picture. Texture primarily deals with high-frequency areas of contrast. I typically experiment with numbers between 0 and 30, mostly in the range of 7 to 25. For this , I chose 23.

Clarity improves the sharpness in the mid-frequency ranges. Use it sparingly in situations where you want to maintain a nice bokeh effect. I have used 23 in this case.

Dehaze is a relatively recent addition, so I use caution when using it. It is used to increase contrast in the low-frequency areas. When I use it, I tend to use it sparingly. In this , I used a value of 5.

Contrast and clarity are similar in that contrast affects the entire tonal range of an object while clarity, also known as local contrast, is limited to the mid-tones. In this , I have used a value of 23.

how to add birds in lightroom

Step 2: Cropping

Now is the time to crop the to the appropriate aspect ratio and size. I try to stick to well-known aspect ratios e. g. , 3:2, 16:9, 1:1, or 4:5. I’m going to go with the wide-angle 3:2 ratio for this. Additionally, one of the biggest mistakes I see people make when cropping is to crop too much, which makes the bird appear to be breathing heavily. You can Google “The Rule of Thirds,” which is a useful guideline to follow. Essentially, though, avoid placing your subject in the center of the image as this will appear amateurish.

how to add birds in lightroom

how to add birds in lightroom

Step 3: Setting The Blacks And Whites

A wider tonal range can be achieved in your photo by setting the Blacks and Whites. You can simply accomplish this by double-clicking the words “Blacks” and “Whites” while holding down the shift key.

how to add birds in lightroom


How do I import an image into Lightroom?

In Lightroom Classic, click the Import button in the Library module or choose File > Import Photos And Video to open the import window.

Can you add stars in Lightroom?

Rating stars can be set or displayed in any view of the Library module. Once photos are rated, you can click a rating filter button in the Filmstrip or in the Library Filter bar to display and work on photos that you’ve rated with a specific number of stars.