how much is larry bird worth

What is Larry Bird’s Net Worth, Salary and Career Earnings?

With a net worth of $75 million, Larry Bird is a retired American professional basketball player and business executive. Larry Bird was a legendary player on both offense and defense because of his extraordinary basketball intelligence, accurate shooting, and unwavering work ethic.

With three NBA Championships (1981, 1984, 1986), two NBA Finals MVP titles, and three consecutive NBA MVP awards (1984–1986), his career was filled with honors that cemented his status as a member of basketball royalty. He is still one of the few players to have joined the elite 50-40-90 club, a testament to his exceptional shooting efficiency. He was a twelve-time All-Star.

As he made the move from playing to coaching and front-office positions—most notably as coach of the Indiana Pacers and then as their President of Basketball Operations—Birds’ notoriety also stretched beyond his playing career. His legendary rivalry with Magic Johnson, which started in college and continued into their professional careers, helped to further propel his notoriety and establish him as an iconic figure in sports history in addition to being a celebrated athlete.

Salary & Career Earnings

Larry Bird made $26 million in salary over his NBA career:

  • 1979-80: $650,000
  • 1980-81: $650,000
  • 1981-82: $650,000
  • 1982-83: $650,000
  • 1983-84: $650,000
  • 1984-85: $1,800,000
  • 1985-86: $1,800,000
  • 1987-88: $1,800,000
  • 1988-89: $1,800,000
  • 1989-90: $2,750,000
  • 1990-91: $1,500,000
  • 1991-92: $7,070,000
  • 1992-93: $2,300,000

Estimated Earnings (13 seasons): $24,070,000

On December 7, 1956, Larry Joe Bird was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, to Georgia and Claude Joseph “Joe” Bird. He has four brothers and a sister, and his father was a Korean War veteran. Bird grew up in the neighboring town of French Lick, where his mother supported him and his siblings by working two jobs. Approximately a year after his parents’ divorce during his high school years, his father took his own life. Bird turned to basketball to escape from his family troubles. As a senior, he averaged 31 points, 21 rebounds, and 4 assists as Springs Valley High School’s standout player.

In 1974, Bird was awarded a basketball scholarship to Indiana University, but he struggled to fit in and left the school after only a few weeks. After moving back to French Lick, he enrolled at Northwood Institute, which is now Northwood University, until 1975, when he enrolled at Indiana State University. With the Indiana State Sycamores, he had a great collegiate basketball career. In 1979, he helped the team qualify for the NCAA tournament for the first time ever. Despite losing, the 1979 championship game between the Sycamores and Michigan State had the highest television rating in college basketball history at the time. Bird earned a Bachelor of Science in physical education from college in 1979. During his college career, he averaged 30. 3 points, 13. 3 rebounds, and 4. 6 assists per game. He also received a great deal of recognition, one of which was the Naismith College Player of the Year Award.

Bird was chosen by the Boston Celtics with the sixth overall pick in the 1978 NBA draft. He decided to complete his final season at Indiana State rather than joining them right away. The Celtics initially declared that they would not pay Bird more than any other player on the team, but Bob Woolf, Bird’s agent, stated that Bird would turn down any submarket offers and instead enter the 1979 draft. Eventually, after drawn-out negotiations, Bird signed a five-ear, $3. He was the highest-paid rookie in sports history at the time thanks to his $25 million contract with the Celtics. Not long after, the NBA modified its draft eligibility guidelines in what is now known as the Bird Collegiate Rule to stop teams from selecting players before they were prepared to sign.

After Bird joined the team, the Celtics won 32 more games than they had the season before. Bird scored 14 points, pulled down 10 rebounds, and disheveled five assists in his team’s 114-106 victory over the Houston Rockets in his professional debut. That year, the Celtics advanced to the Conference Finals before losing to the Philadelphia 76ers. Bird finished out his rookie season with averages of 21. 3 points, 10. 4 rebounds, 4. 5 assists, and 1. 7 steals per game. He was chosen for the All-Star Team and awarded Rookie of the Year as a result of his exceptional play.

Up until his professional basketball retirement in 1992, he kept playing for the Celtics. Highlights of his career include winning three NBA championships (1981, 1984, 1986), ranking third in NBA history for most MVP awards won, being selected to 2012 NBA All-Star teams, and being the first player in NBA history to shoot 50% or better on field goals, 90% on free throws in a single season. During the latter part of his playing career, Bird frequently experienced recurrent back problems.

Larry Bird’s Other Sources of Income

His investments and various endorsements are some of his other revenue streams outside of basketball. Several documentaries about Bird’s life and career have been produced, such as Magic, Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies, and A Basketball Legend.

how much is larry bird worth

Larry owned a home in Indianapolis. The 10,232-square-foot mansion has three fireplaces, five bedrooms, and eight bathrooms. It also has a pool, multiple patios, a kitchen in the pool house, and a tennis court. A home theater, billiard room, wine cellar, pub-style wet bar, and fitness center are all located on the lower level. Bird sold the mansion in 2019 for $2. 3 million.

In addition, he owns property in his hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana. Bird also owns a hotel a half mile or so from the Indiana University campus, where the waiters wear striped referee shirts in the lounge.

Three-time NBA champion, NBA MVP, and multiple-time All-Star, the player’s collection includes a Thunderbird Mustang, a Ford, and “A Pacers Indy Car.”


How much does Larry Bird make a year?

The Indiana-born player for the Celtics was the highest-paid with a $3.25 million, $650,000 per year, in a five-year contract. He was also the first player to earn $5 million dollars in an NBA season. Besides that, all through his Basketball career, his earnings in the NBA was $24,070,000.

What is Larry Bird’s house worth?

Indiana basketball legend Larry Bird’s $2.4 million, English manor in Indianapolis popped up on the real estate market this week. Meanwhile, his $5 million Naples, Fla., home that had been for sale for years is off the market.

Who is the richest NBA player?

Currently the NBA’s highest-paid active player, LeBron James reached billionaire status in 2022, according to Forbes. And he’s certainly not waiting for retirement to expand his empire.