how much does sue bird make

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird are among the most famous power couples in the sports world.

The US Womens National Team superstar and WNBA legend began dating in 2016 after meeting as the two faces of their respective Seattle sports teams. The pair got engaged in 2020, when Rapinoe got down on one knee and popped the question during their luxurious Caribbean vacation.

Rapinoe and Bird have been planning whats sure to be a stunning and star-studded wedding ever since, but their athletic careers have seemingly delayed the big day. Both stars competed for Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, with Rapinoe taking home bronze with the USWNT and Bird earning her fifth gold medal with USA Basketball.

Then, after announcing she was ready to hang up her sneakers during the 2022 season, the legendary point guard completed her 19th and final season in the WNBA. Shes loved retirement, though Rapinoe told Insider its prompted “a lot of jealousy” of her fiancée. Advertisement

But the soccer star known for her colorful hair and colorful personality has reached the twilight of her career, too. She announced that the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand would be the fourth and final major international tournament of her illustrious career.

So as Rapinoe and Bird prepare to step out of competition and toward tying the knot, Insider took a look at how the couple makes and spends its millions. Advertisement

Like Bird, Rapinoe struggled to accrue significant wealth through team salaries.

how much does sue bird make

Rapinoes fortune did not come from the combined 12 years shes played in the NWSL and its predecessor, the WPS. The maximum salary in the US domestic league clocked in at just $50,000 until 2020 and $75,000 until the league and players agreed to a collective bargaining agreement two years later, according to The 18.

She earned a bump in pay during the two seasons she played overseas, according to SBNation. When she suited up for French powerhouse Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon), Rapinoe made a $168,000 annual salary. Advertisement

Rapinoe, meanwhile, had been out of the closet for years.

how much does sue bird make

Rapinoe first came out publicly in a 2012 Out magazine interview, noting that after no one in the media ever directly asked her about her sexuality, she realized “Its my job to say, Im gay. Which I am. For the record: I am gay.”

In the sense that not many people are out, I think sports in general are still homophobic,” Rapinoe continued. “It seems like everyone is incredibly eager for people to come out.” People must see that there are individuals like me playing soccer for the good ol’ U.S.A. S. of A. “.

Before falling in love with Bird, Rapinoe had a number of public relationships with women, including ones with singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone, former Australian national team member Sarah Walsh, and USWNT legend Abby Wambach. Advertisement.

The USWNT offered an additional stream of income for Rapinoe.

how much does sue bird make

The USWNTs equal pay lawsuit against its employer, US Soccer, left much uncertainty about how much players earned for representing their country. But sources like The New York Times and The 18 suggest team salaries fell somewhere between $100,000 and $400,000 annually — far more than what the players commanded in the NWSL. Advertisement


What does Sue Bird make per year?

In 2014, Bird signed a five year, $673,000 contract with the Storm. But with the WNBA’s new CBA in 2020, her salary bumped up to $215,000 per year.

How much does Sue Bird make in endorsements?

Sue Bird’s income sources and endorsement deals Aside from her basketball career, Bird’s net worth is also influenced by her endorsement deals. It is estimated that her endorsement deals alone amount to around $1.5 million. Bird has secured contracts with prominent brands such as Nike, American Express, and Symetra.

What is the average salary in the WNBA?

The average salary for WNBA players in the 2022 season stood at $102,751. Las Vegas Aces head coach Becky Hammon, who was the highest-paid coach in the WNBA before Tibbetts, reportedly earns $1 million per season.

How much does Gabby Williams make in the WNBA?

Williams had a one-year, $144,000 contract with the Storm in 2022 when she averaged 7.5 points, 5.0 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.5 steals, and earned WNBA All-Defensive second-team honors. It’s unclear how Williams would fit with the Storm (4-11).