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What’s New Feb 23, 2024

Minor fixes. Just pecking at a few bugs. Delicious!

We were captivated by this series once more in less than a minute. The follow-up to Rovio’s smash puzzle game brings the fluffy fun to a whole new level, and it’s not just gorgeous new graphics either. The game is more addictive than ever thanks to features like multiple stage levels, pig-punishing spells, and the ability to choose the order in which you fling birds. Whether this is your first or tenth time playing Angry Birds, you’ll take off quickly.

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Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a new game that can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Although it costs 99 cents to download, it removes in-app purchases and even offers the former in-app purchase, Mighty Eagle, for free. There are affiliate links in this post; if you click on them and buy something, we might get paid.

The original Angry Birds game is back. Sure, the Angry Birds franchise has expanded to include other, more recent games and even a few motion pictures, but this one is reserved for fans of the original game. Rovio stated in a letter to fans sent out last year that it was forced to remove its older games from distribution due to the use of antiquated game engines and designs. The company stated that “the landscape of games and mobile technology has evolved to the point where supporting them was untenable.” Additionally, since they will soon become incompatible with the newest mobile operating systems, the developer was unable to leave them up without updating them.

Rovio apparently decided to work on bringing back the classic experiences after hearing a “big outcry” for the company to bring back the older games, particularly the original. It’s unclear if other older games will also get remakes because the company stated at the time that it needs to determine “what is possible and for which games.” Rovio used Unity to completely rebuild the original Angry Birds game, allowing the company to recreate the classic’s feel for more modern devices. That’s a far more involved process than just updating game mechanics or touching up older graphics.


Does Angry Birds cost money?

MULTI-STAGE LEVELS. Play fun, challenging levels with multiple stages – just watch out for Boss Pigs! FREE to download! — Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play.

Is Angry Bird game free?

Angry Birds Friends is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

How much are Angry Birds worth?

Sega is reportedly close to buying Rovio Entertainment — the company that owns the Angry Birds mobile game franchise — for a whopping $1 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Is Angry Birds 2 for free?

Although Angry Birds 2 can be downloaded for free, there are optional in-app purchases available. While our game is free to download and play, some game items can also be purchased for real money and the game may include loot boxes or other game mechanics with random rewards.