how much do kiwi birds cost

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that kiwi birds are a true symbol of New Zealand. We see their photos everywhere – on money (anyone still uses those, btw?), postcards, candies, in magazines and of course, in museums. Yet very few people saw a real kiwi bird. These cuties know how to hide! Sadly, they’ve been having more and more reasons to do so since humans arrived to the country. What used to be an amazing 12-28 million population (I have heard different numbers within this range) now hardly reaches 100,000 species. And it’s no one else’s fault but ours! Bringing new predators and pests to the country and cutting out forests is what nearly killed these unique birds. Thank God, we still can save them! And here are a few ways and important facts you should know to help grow kiwi birds’ population.

New Zealand’s flora and fauna is absolutely incredible and entirely different to the rest of the planet. It’s heartbreaking and literally impossible to digest that once endemic species go extinct here, there are lost to the whole world. Forever. We have already lost so many unique creatures. Think moa. Or huia. Or New Zealand grayling. And this list is awfully long.

The truth we need to accept is that most of those beautiful birds or fish disappeared because of us and our irresponsible lifestyle. We brought predators to the land that was secure and peaceful for hundreds of centuries. We hunt, we fish and we cut down without thinking what effects that causes to the nature around us.

Not surprisingly, lovely kiwi birds are now in danger of disappearing as well. They lived comfortably for ages, sleeping during the day and hunting at night to protect themselves from owls – formerly their only enemy. Now, unless it’s a protected conservation area, kiwi birds are being eaten by rats, cats and dogs. They are forced to move from a familiar habitat. They are being hit by cars. They can’t defend themselves and they need our help.

Can You Own a Kiwi Bird in the US?

No, it’s not legal to keep kiwi birds as pets in the United S. either.

Nonetheless, passionate bird watchers can get up close and personal with these cute ground-nesting birds.

A well-liked choice is to go to one of the zoological parks or Kiwi sanctuaries located on the US mainland, like the San Diego Zoo.

You can watch them through the glass to get a better understanding of their actions.

Many NGO’s in New Zealand offer more practical experience for those seeking it.

They provide “adopt-a-kiwi” programs and are devoted to conservation and preservation efforts.

Through these programs, participants can sponsor kiwi birds.

You can monitor their progress and give them the resources they need, like food and protection.

Some even get sent regular updates or photos!

Can Kiwi Birds Be Kept as Pets?

Kiwis are an iconic bird species. They are native to New Zealand, and a number of threats have caused their numbers to decline in recent decades.

Predation and human habitat destruction have resulted in a significant decline in their population.

With only an estimated 68,000 kiwis left in the wild, it has become a major conservation concern.

At the moment, kiwis are considered “at-risk,” and continued conservation efforts are required to prevent their decline.

Thankfully, committed groups have been founded to offer protection in both the wild and in captivity.

They are working to ensure that this cherished bird is around for a very long time for future generations.

Where Do Kiwi Birds Live?

Native to New Zealand, kiwi birds inhabit both the North and South islands.

They favor native tree-dominated shrublands and temperate forests.

However, they can also be found in coastal regions.

how much do kiwi birds cost

Since kiwi habitat is mostly forest understory, it can be challenging to identify these birds.

Being nocturnal animals, they primarily search for food by foraging among leaf litter.

When threatened by predators, they tuck themselves into a hollow in a tree trunk or hide during the day in burrows.

Sadly, cats, ferrets, and other introduced animals soon emerged as the main danger to kiwi chicks, which led to a rapid drop in kiwi populations.

Local populations of predatory animals have been able to recover and flourish again thanks to conservation efforts like setting traps for them.


Can you have a kiwi bird as a pet?

Kiwi birds are very rare and are illegal to own anywhere in the world. Only accredited Zoos and licensed facilities are allowed to work with captive kiwi birds, and this is strictly monitored.

Can you legally own a kiwi bird in the US?

Absolutely not! In fact, it’s not legal to own them anywhere as a pet, including New Zealand. They are the national symbol of that country and are considered an endangered species. Therefore, they are protected and only very specifically permitted zoos and breeding facilities can have them.

Are kiwis bird friendly?

Though kiwis may be nocturnal, they aren’t shy. The birds are very territorial, and a have razor-sharp claws which can do some damage. According to kiwi researcher Dr. John McLennan, one great spotted kiwi in North Westland named Pete is infamous for “catapulting in for a hit-and-run.

Is kiwi a rare bird?

Did you know? There are about 70,000 kiwi left. We’re losing 2% of our unmanaged kiwi every year – that’s around 20 per week. Kiwi are ratites.