how much are dove birds

White Doves Packages / Pricing:

  • 10 Doves x $150
  • 20 Doves x $200
  • 30 Doves x $250
  • 40 Doves x $300
  • 50 Doves x $350
  • 60 Doves x $400
  • 70 Doves x $450
  • 80 Doves x $500
  • 90 Doves x $550
  • 100 Doves x $600

Rates apply 30 miles around Los Angeles Area.

There is a $5 fee for each additional dove beyond 10.

how much are dove birds

The cost, for instance, would be as follows if you require 15 doves: 10 White Doves x $150 + 5 Additional Doves ($5 / each) $25 Total = $175

White Dove Releases

What we do is White Dove Releases and White Dove Displays.

Wedding Dove Releases: April-October Only.

Package #1: BRIDE AND GROOM RELEASE: The bride and groom may release one or two white doves. $ 175. 00.

PKG 2: WEDDING PARTY RELEASE: Up to six White Doves may be released, plus two $ 275. 00.

PKG3• RECEPTION DISPLAY: A beautiful cage display featuring two white doves that are not released $ 120. 00.

PKG 4 •DOVE RELEASE: Ten to fifteen of our most exquisite White Doves have been released. $ 300. 00 .

Funeral/Memorial Dove Displays:

Dove Indoor Displays: Displayed at the Funeral Home. Pre-arrangements necessary…. $120. 00 per display cage.

Send a dove display instead of flowers: one or two exquisite white dove display cages, each holding up to six doves, can be set up to enhance and leave a lasting memory. Every display is set up at the funeral home of your choice before and during the visitation and services. When my Doves are not released, which is the months of November through March, this is the most popular.

Funeral/Memorial : Releases April through October only.

SINGLE RELEASE: A single white dove released to symbolize the return journey of a loved one $ 125. 00 April-October only.

TRINITY RELEASE: One White Dove is released next to the coffin, and three more are released shortly after, joining the lone Dove in midair. This arrangement symbolizes the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT accompanying the departed loved one on their ascent to paradise. $ 200. 00 April-October only.

Five white doves, symbolizing the loved one joining others being escorted into heaven, are released. The cost is $275. 00 April-October only.

Other Releases: April-October only.

Additionally, we are available for special events like golf outings, grand openings, and anniversaries. For information on services, availability, and costs, please contact Gail Yaeger, Senior Fight Attendant, at (713) 921-0776.

*Release Policy

Anytime during the day is a good time to schedule a white dove release, but no later than two hours before dusk.

Our policy makes sure that our birds can fly safely and have enough time to get back to their loft before dusk.

For us, the wellbeing and security of our birds are the most important things. We guarantee that all of our birds receive compassionate and moral care.

We won’t let our birds go inside, at night, or in bad weather. Although it happens infrequently, your fee will be fully reimbursed if any of these conditions materialize on the day of your release.

DEPOSITS: %20A%20 (non-refundable%E2%80%A6 unless we are unable to release because of inclement weather) %2050%%20deposit is needed to reserve your date for a wedding, and the remaining balance is due prior to release.

For many years, the main focus of Dove Celebration has been White Dove Releases during various ceremonies.

We’d like to help you with your event!

Our White Doves receive the same care as our family pets. We treat them humanely. Please only purchase from moral breeders and those who take the weather into consideration. To find out more about our treatment of white doves and flight safety, click this link.

Please see White Dove Release and Display Prices for costs.

Remember to book early. First reserved, first served!

Take a look around our site. Feel free to call or Contact Us anytime!.

Gail Yaeger Senior Flight Attendant Dove Celebrations


How much is 2 doves?

Package 1 from £99 Package 1 consists of a two dove release from either a decorated basket (co-ordinated with your colour scheme) or if you wish you can release the birds by hand.

How much are live doves?

White Doves Packages / Pricing: 10 Doves x $150. 20 Doves x $200. 30 Doves x $250.

How much do baby doves cost?

Purchasing Doves: The first four weeks of care and rearing come with a cost of $500 for an individual dove or $750 for a pair.

Can you get a pet dove?

However, only a handful of doves are commonly available as pets, with the diamond dove and the ring-necked dove as the most popular pet dove species. Doves are ideal for someone who wants a bird, but cannot accommodate the needs of a parrot (noise, one-on-one social interaction).