how much are birds at petland

Birds at Petland Norwin

We at Petland are proud to provide a wide range of domestically bred birds for our customers. We carefully select our birds from reliable breeders that follow the stringent guidelines established by the USDA. Our dedication to excellence guarantees that the pet you receive is healthy and well-cared for.

Birds are fantastic additions to any home and wonderful companions. They have the power to make our days happier, make our homes more joyful, and even improve our mental and physical health. Having a pet bird can benefit you and your family in many ways.

Baby Birds Currently Being Hand-Fed In Our Store: Pet Types Breed Gender

Parakeet/Budgie: When regularly handled, parakeets exhibit curiosity and affection. They are highly recommended for first-time bird owners. They are good whistlers and will converse with the entire family. They will also occasionally imitate speech.

Cockatiel: A wonderful option for a novice bird owner, the Cockatiel is one of the most popular companion birds. They are affectionate and great with the whole family. While some can imitate speech, they are more adept at imitating whistles.

Conure – Conures are affectionate and playful birds. They can be clownish and very loud. Some Conures are good at mimicking speech. We carry a variety of species depending on availability.

Cockatoo: Among birds, cockatoos are the most lovable and adorable. They can be quite noisy when they want attention and need a lot of it. In addition, cockatoos enjoy chewing and, if left unattended, can cause damage to furniture. They can imitate speech, but their vocabulary is quite small. We carry a variety of species depending on availability.

Amazon Parrot: Although they can be gregarious and outgoing, Amazons can form close bonds with just one person. Amazons have a vast vocabulary and excel at speech imitation. We carry a variety of species depending on availability.

Macaw- Macaws are friendly and bond strongly with their owners. If you do not spend enough time with them, they have the potential to be noisy and destructive. Macaws mimic speech and other sounds in their surroundings with ease and are easy to train. We carry a variety of species depending on availability.

African Grey: It’s likely true that African Greys are the smartest parrots. They mimic very well, even picking up on the accent of the person they are imitating. Greys have the ability to select a favorite person and will show them a lot of affection.

Lovebird – These small birds have a big attitude. Very few lovebirds talk, but they have a variety of calls. Lovebirds are interactive and comical in their behavior; they love to hide in pockets! A Variety depends on availability.

Rose Breasted Cockatoo

Everyone must be in awe of this bird’s beauty. These birds have a gorgeous pink and rose color and a gentle grey chest. They feel as soft to the touch as cotton. Despite being one of the smaller cockatoo species, this one is frequently thought to have a higher speaking voice than most others. Typically, the male has black eyes instead of the female’s reddish-pink eyes and is slightly more rose-colored than pink.

African Grey

Best talkers, smartest parrots”. That’s what people refer to when they talk about their Timneh African Grey and Congos. And chances are, they are correct! An amazing silvery grey bundle of intelligence! They do talk, but they also reproduce everything perfectly! Your wife yelling at the kids, your cell phone ringing, the doorbell, and your microwave beeping will all be heard by your African Grey parrot in perfect harmony! You’ll probably find yourself reaching for a non-ringing phone and wondering why your wife won’t stop calling!

Blue-Fronted Amazon: This species of Amazon parrot, native to South America, is one of the most popular species kept in captivity as a companion or pet. The characteristic blue marking on its head, directly above its beak, is the source of its common name. These beauties, along with the DYH, Yellow Nape, and Yellow Crowns, are generally regarded as some of the best talkers in the Amazon family. Just plain fun birds to own. They are intelligent, charming, and a great addition to a family that knows when to let a bird be a bird. They never stop playing and entertaining!

how much are birds at petland

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how much are birds at petland


How much does a per bird cost?

The cost of a bird can vary depending on the breed and rarity of the species. Common pet birds, such as budgies and cockatiels, can range from $10-$100, while more exotic or rare birds can cost thousands of dollars. Here are some approximate costs of popular bird breeds in the U.S. : Budgie: $10-$35.

Is it okay to buy a bird from a pet store?

Pet stores get birds from cruel commercial breeding facilities called mills. Birds are kept in small, tiny cages without enrichment. Illness and injuries are ignored, and many birds die before even reaching the pet store.

Does Petland sell cockatiels?

Bought two cockatiels from Petland Discounts. both looked healthy when i bought them home.

Are birds cheaper than dogs?

In general (depending on the breed), housing, feeding, and caring for a bird is less expensive than caring for a dog or cat. But the costs can rise dramatically depending upon the lifespan of the bird (some birds live as long as people) and your pet’s healthcare needs.