how long to quarantine new bird

How do I introduce the birds?

Before introducing a new bird to an existing one, all newly acquired birds should be examined by your avian veterinarian. A thorough physical examination by your veterinarian is necessary, and they should note the new bird’s weight as well. Wellness tests are recommended by your veterinarian to check for potential illnesses in your new pet.

The new bird should ideally spend 30 to 45 days in quarantine in a different, quiet room of the house. A recently discovered bird might have a sketchy past and harbor a potentially transmissible illness like polyomavirus, salmonella, chlamydia, or psittacine beak and feather disease. If the new bird exhibits any signs of illness, you should contact your veterinarian right away.

After the quarantine, the two cages may be placed in the same room, a distance apart, so the birds can get used to the sight and sound of each other. Gradually move the cages closer to each other. Eventually, after a period of days to weeks, under strict supervision, you may introduce the two birds while monitoring them closely for any indication of bullying or fighting.

Recall that the new bird is encroaching on the former pet’s territory and could be viewed as a threat. It might take some interactions and challenges between the two birds for them to figure out their new relationship. If they fight, you have to step in and separate them right away because some birds might never get along.

After all the other birds have been fed and their cages cleaned, the new birds should be fed and their cages cleaned.

Some pet owners find it difficult to separate the birds for the full six-week period. For a minimum of one week, the owner ought to keep the birds apart. Please notify the owner that this is not a safe enough time for a quarantine to stop infections. During this time, a bird may only be examined by an avian veterinarian and its clinical signs may be clearly displayed.

Prior to the bird being placed under quarantine, its weight and overall health should be assessed. At the start and conclusion of the quarantine, the birds should be checked for mites and lice and treated accordingly. Worming the birds is a good idea both before and after the quarantine period.

But a number of illnesses, particularly some viral illnesses with protracted incubation periods, won’t be identified or treated proactively.

The length of quarantine is a minimum of six weeks. The bird’s six-week quarantine period is extended if it becomes ill during this time.

Does my pet bird need a friend?

Unlike what is commonly believed, pet birds who are raised alone usually form strong bonds with their owners and are unlikely to desire to live with another bird.

Consider giving your bird extra enrichment in the form of safe toys and entertainment if you notice that it is lonely or bored. g. , music, television, varied food and toys). Because they spend most of their time in cages and don’t have “jobs” like wild birds do, like scavenging for food, locating nest sites, or attracting mates, most pet birds are bored.

Increasing the activities and interactions a pet bird has can stimulate its mind, prevent boredom, and increase happiness. If you do decide to add a bird to your home, though, make sure you are prepared to take on the responsibility of providing care for multiple birds. In the unlikely event that your avian veterinarian diagnoses an illness in your bird during that time, find out about the warranty period before purchasing a new bird.


Do I need to quarantine my new bird?

before exposing the original bird to a new one.” Ideally, the new bird should be quarantined in a separate, isolated room in the house for 30-45 days.

How long does it take for a new bird to settle in?

Ideally, give your bird up to three days to settle in before you start playing with them. Of course, this will depend somewhat on your bird! Many birds however will appreciate several days to settle in and feel at home before much handing starts. Keeping handling safe, especially when you have children, is important.

Can I quarantine birds in the same room?

About Quarantining If any signs of illness are seen, the bird can be treated before any other birds are exposed to the bird. Since birds are prone to “airborne” diseases, we recommend that during quarantine the new bird be kept in a separate room from any other birds in the house with a shut door.

How long do you quarantine a parakeet?

What period of quarantine is needed? The length of quarantine is a minimum of six weeks. If the bird is sick during this time than the quarantine period is extended by a further six weeks. For exotic (overseas) birds the quarantine period may be longer.