how long love birds eggs hatch

Remedying Egg-Binding at Home

  • The bird will pass the egg more easily if you place it on a warm towel because heat causes muscles to dilate. ).
  • Place the bird in a bowl of warm water. Your bird is likely to pass the egg in water.
  • supplying calcium in the form of tiny bits of egg white and crushed egg shells
  • Feed the male bird the previously mentioned calcium supply if the female isn’t eating.
  • Give plenty of rest without any disturbance.
  • Keep the cage covered in a blanket for warmth.
  • Keep the cage clean. Large droppings from your bird could wet the cage floor and make it colder.

Lovebirds Egg Hatching Time

The following frequent queries and subjects regarding lovebirds’ egg-laying will be thoroughly covered in this article.

  • When Will a Female Lovebird Lay an Egg?
  • How Many Eggs Will a Female Lovebird Lay?
  • Signs of a Pregnant Lovebird
  • Finding a Suitable Nest Box
  • Nesting Materials for Lovebirds
  • Egg-Binding in Lovebirds
  • Calcium Supply for Your Lovebirds (Table)
  • A Healthy Recipe for Lovebirds
  • Infertility in Lovebirds
  • What Are the Causes of Infertility?

On October 6, 2016, my female lovebird Lulu laid her first egg.

© Sakina Nasir 2016

When Will a Female Lovebird Lay an Egg?

This is a question that many inexperienced breeders wonder about from time to time. When a female lovebird reaches the age of 9 to 12 months, she will lay an egg, either with or without a partner. It goes without saying that unpaired eggs will not hatch. Sometimes people end up buying two females or two males. If you house them together, you might get a clutch of infertile eggs in the first scenario, or none at all in the second.

True lovebird pairs, consisting of a male and female, will lay fertile eggs, though it is also possible for infertile eggs to be laid, as my pets Mumu and Lulu have demonstrated.

Mumu, my male lovebird, witnessed the first egg laying. He wagged his tail out of happiness.

© Sakina Nasir 2016