how do you win flappy bird

Flappy Bird is the hottest game on the App Store — at least for the moment — and topmost on every gamers mind is how to get a higher score than their friends… and without smashing their phone to pieces in the process. A fantastically terrible game, its design is derivative, its mechanics maddening, and its popularity no doubt the result of incredible rage-of-mouth marketing. Yet despite all of that (or maybe because of it)… Cant. Stop. Playing. So how can you get better at Flappy Bird faster? For some games its simply a matter of finding the right tips, hints, and cheats. Flappy Bird, however, is so simple, that there are few to no ways to hack the system. But that doesnt mean you cant hack yourself…

Step 1: Get in the Right Mindset

how do you win flappy bird

It’s crucial to locate a peaceful, enjoyable area for play. You would be surprised at the difference it can make. Try to play when stress free and relaxed. Playing with someone watching you over your shoulder will make you perform far worse. Make sure you are comfortable. Before you play, stretch and itch to prevent the urge to

2. Stay out of your own way

Choose a sensible spot to tap if you’re playing Flappy Bird on an iPhone, then stick with it. If youre right handed, the bottom right corner works well. In addition to being cozy, it won’t block the approaching pipes, allowing you to see their arrangement as soon as possible. Though there’s less chance of blurring the pipes if you’re left-handed, you should still focus on the bottom corner to keep the bird in focus. (I know some people who play video games with a thin stylus rather than their finger for precisely that reason.) ).

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5. Manage your stress

Games cause a physical reaction because your body doesn’t know the difference between virtual stress (look out, pipe!) and real stress (look out, car!). A rush. Thats why we play them. But its also why they can make us crazy. Fortunately, the same techniques that help us stay calm in the real world can also help us stay calm in the virtual one: slow, steady breathing It may seem absurd, but there’s a reason why the greatest athletes, marksmen, and surgeons all master breathing control. It creates calm. It creates focus. It puts you in the zone. It also implies that you won’t panic and crash straight into a pipe when you start to approach your own or your friends’ high score.

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What happens when you reach 999 in Flappy Bird?

Be sure to wait until the end, when the gamer hits a score of 999 — and faces off against what appears to be Nintendo’s Mario character. Mario’s appearance suggests that this is probably just a clone because we doubt Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen would have stolen the Mario character and used it in his game.

What is the average score in Flappy Bird?

The average score for human is about only 100, but in the flappy bird AI, the score can easily be more than 1, 000.

What is the secret of Flappy Bird?

It’s all in the timing The single most important skill in Flappy Bird is timing your taps. The game is entirely about getting the bird through the pipes without touching any part of them. That means you have to learn to keep it as level as possible.

What happens when you beat Flappy Bird?

According to a 1 1/2 minute long YouTube video posted by pipocaVFX on February 15, 2014, when you reach the score 999 in Flappy Bird, the game proves to be far harder and complex than it seems at first. In the video, the pipes form a maze and begin to move up and down on their own.