how can i watch black bird

What is the price for freedom? On July 8, 2022, well be getting the premiere of the six-episode miniseries Black Bird, a psychological thriller starring Taron Egerton as mobster-turned-inmate James Keene. In exchange for freedom, Keene must elicit a confession from suspected serial killer Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser). Adapted from the novel In With The Devil: A Fallen Hero, A Serial Killer, and A Dangerous Bargain for Redemption written by the real-life James Keene, the suspenseful series will put you on edge. Heres how you can watch Black Bird when it hits streaming.

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how can i watch black bird

how can i watch black bird

how can i watch black bird

Is Black Bird Streaming Online (And When Are New Episodes Coming Out)?

On July 8, 2022, Black Bird will make its Apple TV debut. The first two episodes of the miniseries will air on the official release date of Apple TV, as is customary. Thereafter, each Friday, new episodes will be released on Friday. The finale, which will consist of six episodes, is scheduled to air on August 5, 2022. Put this on your calendar now to ensure you don’t miss it!

Watch the Black Bird Trailer

On June 8, 2022, Apple TV released the trailer for Black Bird. In the clip, Ray Liotta plays James “Big Jim” Keene, Egerton’s character, is seen speaking with his father while shackled in his orange prison uniform. After a montage showing James leading a lavish life as a criminal, everything takes a turn for the worse when the police break into his house and take him into custody. When Big Jim answers the phone, he suggests to his son that all he ever wants is a regular life with a family and a steady salary.

James is abruptly led from his cell, desperate to find a way out of his prison sentence. He is eventually met by two policemen who inform him that they require his help in getting a confession from another prisoner. The catch is that James must move from the security of his minimum security facility to a maximum security facility for mentally ill inmates. The prisoner who was mentioned is incarcerated for the murder of fourteen women, with the police only having discovered the body of one of them. After initially being reluctant, he eventually consents to the assignment in exchange for freedom, only to discover that this is only the start of his journey towards even greater darkness.


Is Blackbird on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

How to Watch Blackbird. You are able to stream Blackbird by renting or purchasing on Amazon Video. You are able to stream Blackbird for free on Plex or Plex Player.

Where can I see Blackbird series?

Watch Black Bird – Show – Apple TV+

Is there any other way to watch Blackbird?

Right now you can watch on Apple TV Plus.

What is Blackbird about on Netflix?

Based on the true story of James Keene, a one-time drug associate, trying to elicit a confession from serial killer Larry Hall. Keene himself can be glimpsed playing correctional officer #8 in the season finale You Promised (2022).