how are birds and bats different

While both birds and bats fly by flapping wings in a down-and-forward way to generate lift, the main difference comes from the bats use of additional fingers. The wings of a bird are comprised of enlongated arms with a single finger on the end. Meanwhile, bats have 3 fingers over which the skin is stretched. This allows a bat to have a better range of motion in its flying. They also have tons of hyper-sensitve hairs that help them detect small changes in air currents and breezes. Combine that with the fact that bat wings dont have to open the same amount on each side, thanks to the additional fingers, bats are much better at manuvering and acrobatic feats. However, because of how they evolved, very few bats are able to walk or take off from the ground. To learn more about the difference I recommend checking out this article.

A female bat gives birth through her vagina, just like humans, cows, and other mammals do. Her child grows inside her womb during this time. Birds, on the other hand, lay eggs. A baby bird develops inside an egg, but a baby bat develops inside its mother.

Birds and bats fly, but they are very different animals. Indeed, their wings are the only real similarity between them. Although some bird species and bats have some similarities (e.g., owls and bats are both nocturnal), the broad definitions of the two are very different.

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The fact that a bird has feathers is what makes it unique. All feathered animals, including pigeons, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and all other feathered creatures in between, are considered to be birds. They must have feathers, but they do not necessarily need to be able to fly (like emus). Conversely, all mammals have fur or hair, including bats.

Birds have a more complex respiratory system than bats. Like humans, bats have lungs; air enters, is processed, and then exits in the same manner. Since birds usually fly, their systems require more oxygen. Therefore, to extract more oxygen from each breath of air, a bird’s respiratory system has more chambers and air sacs.