does window tint prevent bird strikes

Why do birds hit windows?

According to the former president of the American Bird Conservancy, ordinary homes can also be dangerous for birds, in addition to tall buildings and other structures. Every residence has the potential to kill 12 or more birds annually, most of the time without the owner’s knowledge.

Birds hit glass windows for 3 main reasons:

  • Birds cannot distinguish between the two environments because of the reflections in the windows.
  • The windows are transparent and birds don’t see.
  • The city’s bright lights confuse the birds, causing them to crash into houses, buildings, and even one another.

One of the main causes of bird deaths caused by humans is windows, which kill hundreds of millions of birds annually—far more than wind turbines and airplane strikes combined. People may place decals or tinted films on their windows—typically the interior side—in an attempt to aid birds in seeing the panes before it’s too late. However, a recent PeerJ Life study

Put films or decals on the inside side of a window, and people usually find it much easier, according to Natalia Ocampo-Peñuela, a conservation ecologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who was not involved in the study. In order to apply something to the exterior of taller buildings, scaffolding is required. For them to apply properly, the windows must be extremely clean, and they do not last as long. ”.

Swaddle and his colleagues applied one of two commercially available films to either interior or exterior window surfaces in order to test the film’s efficacy. Humans cannot see shorter light wavelengths reflected by one film, while many birds can see both longer and shorter light wavelengths reflected by the other. In order to prevent birds from actually striking the glass, the researchers also installed superfine nets in front of the windows. The study discovered that both films reduced the risk of bird strikes by over 35% when placed on the exterior surface, but there was no benefit at all from films placed inside.

According to Swaddle’s theory, films inside don’t effectively stop outside light from reflecting and dispersing. He adds that while decals were not examined in this study, this might also apply to them. In order to help bird enthusiasts, architects, and manufacturers prevent bird deaths, researchers will continue to investigate how birds perceive and interact with the environment in future research.

Birds hitting windows – a bigger problem than you think

A Chicago study that tracked over 31,000 birds from 141 different species over the course of 26 years found that the birds had died as a result of inadvertently flying into the building.

Bird collisions with man-made structures rank second among the leading causes of bird deaths in North America, after habitat loss. According to some experts, window strikes and other collisions claim the lives of about 100 million birds annually.


Is there a film on windows to prevent birds?

Installing Bird Safety Window Film can help reduce the likelihood of bird collisions by making windows more visible to birds. Our window film creates a pattern that birds can see, helping them to avoid collisions with the glass.

Can birds see tinted windows?

Yes, even a regular tinting film can be useful. This is because it makes the windows less transparent and more visible to birds.

Do window screens prevent bird strikes?

External insect screens reduce bird collisions by minimizing window reflections and alerting birds that windows are barriers. Netting prevents injuries to birds if it’s placed inches in front of the window and stretched tight to prevent birds from hitting the glass.