does rain bird have an app

After completing the setup process in the Rain Bird app with a WiFi controller a “Controller Card” will appear in the app.

Tap the pencil icons on the respective programs or zones to edit your controller’s irrigation schedules.

You can set the watering frequency, the start times, and the zone run times. Different controller models may look slightly different depending on if they have zone or program water scheduling.

Watering frequency options include watering on Odd days, Even Days, Custom days, or Cyclic Days. An example of Custom Days is above, where you choose the specific days each week that will water. An example of Cyclic Days is below. This is where you water every “blank” number of days, and you choose how often that is. If you want to water once a week, you choose 7 days, or every two weeks watering is 14 days. This is often used for trees that need irregular deep root watering.

To change a scheduled watering time, tap on the programmed time per zone and select the new time. Apps using iOS or Android may appear differently. This screen shot is from an iOS version.

Note: Zones with overlapping start times run in sequence, the controller does not turn them on at the same time.

To turn a zone or program “off”, or to keep it from running, you can change all the zone run times to 0 minutes. This allows you to keep the days of the week and start times in the schedule, but the zone or program will not run.

Users’ personally identifiable information is not gathered by Rain Bird, and it does not sell user data to outside parties.

Apple and Google introduced new privacy features with Android 9 in 2018 and iOS 13 in 2019 with the goal of preventing apps from misusing your mobile device’s WiFi connection and location. Because of these modifications, the Rain Bird mobile app won’t work properly unless Location Services are enabled.

When establishing a connection with the controller, the Rain Bird app utilizes this WiFi data to ascertain the appropriate communication mode. Three communication channels are available on a Rain Bird WiFi controller:

The user can choose which local WiFi networks to connect their Rain Bird WiFi controller to during setup. For a mobile application to be able to view these networks, Android and iOS require location access.

Note: The controller does not turn on zones with overlapping start times simultaneously; instead, they operate sequentially.

The zone run times, start times, and frequency of watering can all be adjusted. Depending on whether a controller model has zone or program water scheduling, its appearance may vary slightly.

Options for watering frequency include custom days, cyclic days, even days, and odd days. The above illustration of Custom Days allows you to select the precise days each week that will water An example of Cyclic Days is below. Here, you decide how frequently to water—every “blank” number of days You can choose to water once a week for seven days, or every two weeks for fourteen days. This is frequently applied to trees that require sporadic deep root irrigation.

One way to stop a program or zone from running is to set all of the zone run times to 0 minutes. As a result, the zone or program won’t run, but you can keep the days of the week and start times in the schedule.

A “Controller Card” will show up in the Rain Bird app once the WiFi controller setup procedure is finished.


How do I connect my Rain Bird to my phone?

Launch the Rain Bird app and press the Add Controller button. Follow app prompts to set up WiFi connection to Rain Bird controller. Share access to the controller as needed. Program and test controller by turning on watering at the timer and through the Rain Bird app.

Is there a Rain Bird app?

Learn more about the Rain Bird app at Download the Rain Bird app for iOS and Android today.

Can you control Rain Bird sprinkler system?

Rain Bird timers are easy to program and include zone-based timers, modular controllers, and weather-based smart timers. Indoor and outdoor irrigation timer models are also available.