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The Overlooked Problem of Bird Infestations

If you’re like most people, you probably associate certain pests with a higher ick factor than others, and seeing just one of these creatures is one too many. What images do you have when you think of pest infestations? A cockroach darting across the floor? The sound of rodents scratching in the walls? Stumbling across a coiled snake? Although birds are generally not as frightening or repulsive, their presence in the natural world can pose a significant threat to establishments such as businesses.

Getting Birds Under Control

Your pest control provider can recommend efficient cleanup and removal techniques with smart bird control management, minimizing the negative effects on bird populations and the surrounding ecosystem. There are five main steps you can take to solve your bird problem.

  • Inspection: A thorough site assessment will assist in locating the exterior and interior spaces of your company where birds congregate, nest, and make their home.
  • Modification of Habitat: Getting birds to leave is best achieved by ensuring that they have no desire to stay. Birds won’t find your company to be very friendly if you use exclusion techniques like caulking gaps, plugging holes, adding electrical track to ledges, applying gel deterrent (imagine a modern-day scarecrow), and netting to restrict the areas that birds can occupy.
  • Physical Removal: The most efficient and dependable way to stop bird damage right away is to catch and remove birds from inside your building using traps, nets, and other techniques.
  • Clean Out: In the event that fecal matter is discovered during the site inspection, professionals will sanitize and remove the hazardous material in the most secure manner for your team and clients.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Upkeep: Vigilance is essential in any effective pest management strategy. Because there are so many different kinds of birds, each with their own migration patterns, instincts, needs, and preferences, it’s critical to make sure you’re prepared for any new friends that may come your way throughout the year.