does millet bird seed sprout

No-Mess Seed Blend (The Classic)

Hulled millet, shelled peanuts, and sunflower hearts make up the No-Mess Seed Blend. In our area, this blend—our “classic” No-Mess Blend—is ideal for winter feeding. Hungry ground feeders like resident Mourning Doves and Field Sparrows, as well as winter visitors like Dark-eyed Juncos and White-throated Sparrows, are fed by the millet. The majority of feeders have drainage holes or other means of allowing the millet to reach the ground so that ground feeders can use it.

No-Mess Seeds Blends & Seeds

Elizabeth Barret Browning might have been thinking of our No-Mess seed blends when she wrote those lines! Well, maybe not. However, the seeds in all of our “No-Mess” bird seed blends and seeds have had their shells removed, leaving only the seed’s meat. Since there is less debris on the ground to clean up, feeding is more tidier when the seeds are free of hulls. Because there are fewer chances of weeds growing up and rodent problems beneath the feeder when there are no shells on the ground, our regular No-Mess Blend bird seed provides the best value per pound because you aren’t paying for leftover shell waste and uneaten seeds. The birds eat everything!.

We offer three No-Mess Blends and three more no-mess seeds at Wild Birds Unlimited – Little Rock. We advise selecting the best no-mess feeding solution for your requirements. Below we will outline the differences.

Our WBU No-Mess Seed Blends…

After a day or so, empty the jar (I just hold the lid over the top and dump; they sell special lids for this purpose). Rinse the jar with fresh water two to three times a day and leave it on the counter. As the second day comes to an end, you ought to notice some small sprouts beginning to emerge; if not, don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long. You can begin giving your chickens the seed as soon as it begins to sprout (or put it in the bird feeder for your other feathered friends) Although they will also enjoy simply pecking it off the ground, I put some in a pie plate.

To begin, place the seed in a quart jar halfway full. Fill the rest of the jar with water. Let it sit on the counter for a day.

If you don’t use the entire thing at once, keep the jar on the counter for several days (just remember to keep rinsing, or it’ll turn into a moldy mess) – the sprouts will keep getting longer, and eventually leaf out (this is the premise of those wheat grass kits you can find). At some point, I might toss some sprouts into a pan and let them leaf out so the chickens do get some greenery during the winter.

As winter approaches and worms, crickets, and pretty much everything green become scarce for the next six months, I’ve been searching for ways to add extra nutrition to our girls’ diets. Since it increases the nutritional value and enzyme activity of most grains, we’ve taken to sprouting or soaking them before eating them. Who wouldn’t want more nutritional value in their food? Okay, so many people obviously don’t care; otherwise, they wouldn’t be eating drive-through every meal, but there are some for whom it matters. ).

Anyway, I reasoned that the chickens would benefit from the same principles since we soak for their health. I had a 20-pound bag of generic bird seed in the garage, but I wasn’t planning on using our super-premium magic hard gold wheat berries—just kidding. The majority of bird seed available is a blend of sunflower, millet, sorghum, safflower, corn, and possibly a few other seeds. If it’s a whole seed, you should be able to sprout it, whatever it may be. (Ensure that it’s not a collection of “bits,” “pieces,” or “cracked” material; that will ferment instead of sprouting. Not that it’s a bad thing either—we do consume sauerkraut and pickles, after all. ).


Is there bird seed that won’t sprout?

What are no-mess seed blends? No-mess seed blends use seeds that have been hulled so that there is no shell waste left behind. The main ingredient in these blends is hulled sunflower chips, which have no shell and which will not sprout.

Will bird seed germinate?

Conclusions. Birdseed is ‘real seed. ‘ It can be planted like ‘real seeds’ and will grow if you water it and keep it in a sunny place.

Is millet a filler for bird seed?

Lately, it seems to have gotten a bad reputation as a seed that should be avoided; a so-called “filler seed” that birds reject and only attracts rodents. Actually, neither is totally true. In fact, millet can be used to attract an entirely new family of birds to our winter feeders: new world sparrows.