does bird tape really work

Visual bird deterrents are generally how to keep birds away and is in general, the easiest way to scare birds away. They are extremely accessible and simple to use, making them the first line of defense for new bird problems.

If you have a severe bird problem or just dont like the look of visual deterrents, Bird B Gone has a wide selection of commercial grade bird repellents and deterrents available to choose from.

Food, water, and shelter are the three main reasons birds will be attracted to an area. If you consistently leave scraps of food around your patio table, leave pet food and water trays unattended, or have a garden full of ripened fruits you are most likely reading this blog to find easy solutions to keep those pest birds away.

Your house unintentionally provides shelter for birds to nest and roost on. The eaves of your house, patio furniture, shaded awnings, solar panels and more are perfect for small to medium sized birds to take roost in.

5 Popular Visual Deterrents to Scare Birds Away

The Visual Bird Deterrent category of Bird B Gone’s bird control products contains the following 5 items. These simple DIY projects around the house only need minimal installation knowledge.

A silent, wind-powered spinning visual bird deterrent that effectively scares away birds is called the Reflect-a-Bird. By using wind and sunlight to create a distraction zone, the mirror-like Reflect-a-Birds finish drives pest birds away by confusing them. This bird deterrent’s weatherproof aluminum and plastic construction makes it perfect for outdoor use. The angled neck of the Reflect-a-Bird is adjustable up to ninety degrees. The Reflect-a-Bird can be installed in a variety of places, including sidewalls, rooftops, beneath eaves, and other spaces, thanks to the four screw holes in its base.

Product Highlights:

  • Durable weatherproof aluminum & plastic construction
  • Wind powered bird reflector
  • Adjustable neck bends 90 degrees
  • Install on roofs, sidewalls, beneath eaves, and in different places.

2) Scare Eye Diverters

Scare Eye Diverters are a type of visual bird deterrent. These bird deterrents are teardrop-shaped hanging bird deterrents with a reflective surface that resembles a predator’s eye. The diverters’ movement creates a visual disturbance that frightens birds and makes them flee or fight. The birds will naturally take off for another area that they believe to be safe. The scare diverters can be made more effective by adding a swivel attachment. The swivel attachment allows the diverters to rotate 360 degrees. More movement equals more distress for the birds. You can hang the diverters from trees, the house’s sides, patios, eaves, gazebos, overhangs, and boats.

Product Highlights

  • Discrete teardrop shape reflective surface
  • Swivel attachment to hang
  • For trees, eves, sidewalls, patios, boats and more
  • Available in a 5 pack

Another quick and low-cost visual bird deterrent is the use of scare eye balloons. They also have a predator eye design on a glossy, reflective surface. The balloons also feature bright colors. The reflective surface and design combine to terrify and perplex the birds. Many of the same locations as the scare diverters can also be used for the scare balloons. To prevent birds from using your pool or hot tub as a bird bath, you can also partially fill the balloons with water and let them float in it.

Product Highlights

  • Bright yellow with predator eye
  • Inflates to approximately 18” diameter
  • Hang from eves, trees, sidewalls, patios
  • Float in pools or hot tubs

Want to use the same product that pros use? Bird Banisher is a premium, long-lasting, and professional-grade nuisance bird deterrent. Bird Banisher rotates freely while using materials that are highly reflective and holographic on both sides. This flash is intended to frighten away a variety of unwanted birds, such as woodpeckers. Bird Banisher is silent, effective, and visually appealing—well, except to birds—and is simple to attach to brick, wood, or metal with a screw, clip, or magnet. Every Bird Banisher unit is delivered fully assembled, requiring no additional work. While Bird Banisher is an effective bird control device that works year-round in all weather conditions, Bird Flash Tape may be useful for temporary or seasonal purposes. When installed correctly, Bird Banisher is guaranteed to produce better results than Bird Flash Tape and comes with a one-year warranty. It also has a higher success rate.

A cheap and effective way to keep woodpeckers and other unwelcome birds away from a house or building is to use Bird Flash Tape. This explains why the shiny tape doesn’t work; because it’s cheaply made, Bird Flash Tape is not adhesive and instead comes in rolls of shiny plastic or Mylar ribbon in a range of widths. The majority have a rapidly fading holographic pattern and are extremely thin and of low quality. It looks ridiculous when the user cuts strips to the appropriate length and hangs them from or near the area where bothersome birds are present. These vividly colored streamers are an unsightly addition to the property, and they are not a good long-term woodpecker control option because the reflective color fades after 6 to 8 weeks in the direct sun and the ribbon tangles or tears easily, needing to be replaced on a regular basis. That’s a lot of work for a flimsy product with low success rates that produces little results, so it’s advised to look for a better bird solution. The easy solution is to use Bird Banisher, a different product, if you’re a disgruntled customer looking for the most successful long-term solution to property damage.


How effective is bird tape?

Reflective scare tape has proven to be a powerful and extremely efficient solution for pest and bird control problems.

What is the most effective bird deterrent?

Bird Spikes are a simple but effective deterrent for birds. The blunt, harmless spikes thwart birds’ efforts to land without harming them in any way. Spikes can be permanently or temporarily installed.

Does flash tape keep birds away?

Flash Tape is highly effective against flocking birds that are prone to attack young seedlings, fresh germinating seeds, or ripening fruit. Flash Tape is a visual bird deterrent made from an iridescent red mylar film.