does bird repellent spray work

What are the Benefits of a Bird Repellent such as Bird-Out

If birds are attacking your property, you can be certain that the war is on. You also understand that defeating birds requires cunning because they are astute opponents who will easily sidestep any haphazard, insincere attempts to keep them at bay.

To win, you’ve got to bring your a-game. To win, you need the right tools to succeed.

In this blog, our experts cover the following topics:

  • Why you should deter birds
  • What is Bird-Out?
  • How does Bird-Out work?
  • List of species Bird-Out repels
  • Where to install it
  • How long does it last?
  • Features and benefits of Bird-Out
  • Ways to prevent birds from returning

The team at Bird G Gone is on your sides. We’ll assist you in establishing an environment that is so hostile to birds that all of your feathered adversaries will decide to feed, nest, and congregate elsewhere.

What Can You Spray To Keep Birds Away?

Bird B Gone provides a variety of sprays designed to repel birds, with the main ingredient being Methyl Anthranilate (MA). All-natural MA is extracted from grape seeds. This non-toxic material irritates birds’ eyes, nose, and throat while acting as a pepper spray substitute; it does not cause any harm to the birds. Other than a slight grape scent, people, cats, dogs, and other farm animals hardly ever notice MA. It doesn’t irritate any other species. MA liquid insect repellents are available in a range of formulations and strengths, and they can be applied with foggers or sprayers.

The following factors should be taken into account before buying a liquid bird repellent:

  • How large is your area?
  • Is any portion of the area enclosed or partially enclosed?
  • What is your ability/tolerance for reapplication and maintenance?

Keeping these queries in mind, let’s examine three of Bird B Gone’s exceptional liquid bird repellents.

For large-scale environments like golf courses, farms, dairy barns, office buildings, and parks, Bird B Gone offers Avian ControlTM. This potent repellent is made up of a %2020%%20solution of MA plus methyl 202-aminobenzoate, a further active ingredient. It has been demonstrated that this mixture of irritants drives away flocks of birds as well as starlings, crows, pigeons, and geese. AVIAN Control liquid repellent covers about 4 acres with one gallon. Avian Control can be dispersed using spray or fogging equipment, such as large-scale agricultural spray equipment or thermal fogging machines. Avian Control is simple to use, non-toxic, and does not damage plants. Reapplying this product is necessary every 7 to 14 days, depending on the weather.

Uses for Avian Migrate include lawns, grassy areas, sports fields, trees, shrubs, dumpsters, and other comparable outdoor spaces. AVIAN Migrate contains a 14. A 5% solution of MA can be used as a colorant that is only visible to birds. The taste, smell, and sight of avian migrants drive away all other birds and serve as a warning to return. A gallon of AVIAN Migrate can cover about 16,000 square feet, or one-third of an acre. AVIAN Migrate is sprayed. Avian Migrate, like all MA products, is non-toxic and safe for plants, but it needs to be reapplied every seven to fourteen days.

5) Where Do You Install Bird-Out?

Bird-Out is most effective in protected outdoor areas where birds congregate to roost.

Bird-Out is best suited for covered decks and balconies, patios, building ledges, window sills, garages, tool sheds, barns, warehouses, backyards, outdoor dining areas, and other similar spaces.

The Bird-Out Aromatic Repellent Kit includes a cartridge and a dispenser. Just insert the cartridge into the dispenser and mount it vertically using the standard or drywall screws or the adhesive mounting strip that comes with it.

  • That’s all it takes to keep bothersome birds out of a 20 x 20 x 20-foot area for up to 60 days.

For best results and coverage, Bird-Out dispensers should be positioned every 20 feet in areas with good air flow. Replacing the spent cartridge is equally as easy. To prevent protection gaps, replacement cartridges are available in packs of two or six as well as single refills. It is recommended to always have extras on hand.


Can I spray something to keep birds away?

Bird B Gone offers several bird repellent sprays that contain the active ingredient Methyl Anthranilate (MA). All-natural MA is extracted from grape seeds. This non-toxic substance acts like pepper spray for birds; it affects their trigeminal nerve and irritates their eyes, nose, and throat without harming them at all.

What is the most effective bird deterrent?

Bird Spikes are a simple but effective deterrent for birds. The blunt, harmless spikes thwart birds’ efforts to land without harming them in any way. Spikes can be permanently or temporarily installed.

Does bird repellent really work?

Bird repellent are effective for some period of time. In example, some bird repellent (chemicals) will only be good for 6 days, while ultra sonic devices or shiny surfaces will be good for 10-30 days befor they can get used to it.

How long does bird repellent spray last?

Avian Control® can last from 10 to 14 days depending upon the frequency and severity of local rain. Experience has shown that an application interval of 10 days is ideal for most crops. Avian Control® is resistant to irrigation and most light to moderate rains.