do pigeons scare away other birds

When we first set up a bird feeding station, we had a good variety of small birds – various tits, dunnocks, nuthatches, robins etc. Also the occasional woodpecker and ring necked parakeet More recently, we only seem to be getting pigeons and doves. Are they scaring away the smaller birds? We have occasionally seen a pigeon pecking at a smaller bird. What can we do to stop this? Is there a bird feed that will not attract pigeons and doves? We generally use a mixed seed.

Food On The Ground

For the benefit of the blue tits and other tiny birds who adore them, you might want to keep your hanging feeders. For blackbirds and other birds that like to eat on the ground, you might also wish to provide food.

But how to keep the pigeons off it?

Pretty simple really. A cage that allows seed and small birds to enter but keeps pigeons out is what you need.

You could use an upturned hanging basket, or you could buy one.

The main things to consider are:

  • Make sure the cage you have is sizable enough—at least 20 inches in diameter. If not, the eating end of the pigeon will be able to enter even though the entire bird might not, and it will snatch up all of your seed.
  • The pigeons will simply push the cage aside if it is not fixed to the ground. Tent pegs or these would work well.

Tossing the feed into your borders or dense shrubs is another effective ground feeder tactic. Smaller birds typically get more of the food because pigeons are less agile than smaller birds, even though they will still try to get these.

We had a nice assortment of small birds when we first set up a bird feeding station, including different tits, dunnocks, nuthatches, robins, etc. In addition, we occasionally see ring-necked parakeets and woodpeckers. Lately, though, we’ve only seemed to see doves and pigeons. We have occasionally seen a pigeon pecking at a smaller bird; are they driving away the smaller birds? Our usual bird feed is a mixed seed; is there a way to prevent pigeons and doves from flocking to it?

Choosing The Right Feeders

Pigeons like to feed on the ground. They cannot hang to feed on vertical or angled surfaces; they must land on a horizontal surface. This ought to provide some guidance on the kinds of feeders that pigeons won’t be drawn to.

If pigeons have small perches, it will be most difficult for them to feed directly from straight-sided hanging feeders; therefore, the smaller the perch, the better.

do pigeons scare away other birds

Nevertheless, cunning pigeons will attempt to topple these and release the seed, which they will gladly trample underfoot.

You can buy pigeon proof feeders, which are surrounded by cages too small to allow access for pigeons, but wide enough to let little birds feed.

However, numerous individuals have discovered that the wire mesh surrounding these simply facilitates the pigeons’ ability to toss them over and dump the seed onto the ground.

Sprung bird feeders, where anything heavier than a small bird causes the feeding holes to close, offer a practical option.

So do domed and window mounted feeders like this. The holes are just too small for a pigeon to squeeze through.


Are other birds afraid of pigeons?

They scare off smaller birds. Pigeons are much bigger than many of our garden birds, And while they don’t tend to attack other birds, they are intimidating. Smaller birds often won’t come to your feeders with pigeons around. They bring their friends.

How do you scare away pigeons but not other birds?

You can discourage pigeons by choosing food they don’t like, such as wheat-free food and feed mixes that are rich in seeds. Pigeons also dislike peanuts and mealworms. Squirrel-proof bird feeders are ideal for deterring pigeons as the small perches are not big enough for larger birds.

What does pigeon scare of?

Pigeons are most afraid of loud noises, bright lights, shiny or reflective objects, and fake predators or scarecrows.

Do pigeons get along with other birds?

Yes, a pigeon can be safely housed in an aviary with cockatiels in a non-breeding situation.