do lizards eat bird seed

What Do Lizards Eat? Over 6,000 species of lizards exist in the world today. All lizards belong to the Reptiles family in the animal kingdom. Lizards feed on different kinds of food sources from fruits, small insects, worms, frogs, and even small birds.

Some lizard types are considered to be menacing predators. Aside from feasting on a carnivorous meal (birds, mammals, members of the reptile family, and snails), the diet consumed by the different types of lizards may also include fruits, algae and a wide array of plant material.

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What Do Lizards Eat?

Type of Lizard Diet
Iguania Lizard Baby mice, crickets, and worms.
Gekkota Lizard Small reptiles, small rodents, Insects, and small lizards
Scincomorpha Lizard Caterpillars, crickets, beetles, and flies
Anguimorpha Lizard Worms, tadpoles, snails, small birds, eggs, frogs, and lizards.
Amphisbaenia Lizard Arthropods, small vertebrates, insects, and worms

Do Eagles Eat Lizards?

Similar to crows (discussed in the preceding section), eagles consume different species of lizards.

  • For instance, bald eagles, golden eagles, African fish eagles, harpy eagles, crowned eagles, and many more eagle species include lizards in their extensive diet.
  • Note that all eagles that feed on lizards also eat the bones; this is made possible by their powerful beaks and stomach acids.
  • The majority of eagle species kill their prey by pounding its body with their razor-sharp talons, which can exert up to 1000 pounds of force!
  • Lastly, keep in mind that the species of eagles determines how much lizards they eat. For instance, nearly 2040 percent of martian eagles’ diets (E2%80%99%) originate from lizards and snakes, primarily the former; conversely, fewer than 2015 percent of crowned eagles’ diets (E2%80%98%) originate from lizards