do birds eat zinnia seeds

Spring Flowers for Birds

do birds eat zinnia seeds

Golden Groundsel (Packera aurea, Zones 3-9): The native golden-yellow flowers of golden groundsel are repellant to troublesome garden critters like deer and rabbits, but magnetic for pollinators and birds. Their golden-yellow clusters of daisies attract lots of pollinators (some of which birds eat) and brighten partially sunny to shaded beds and look great in woodland gardens. Flowering may start in mid-spring and continue to late spring. Leave the fluffy white seed heads for the birds to enjoy! Plants may spread, so give them space to move.

do birds eat zinnia seeds

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus): An old-fashioned annual that blooms from May to July, cornflowers are also referred to as “bachelor buttons.” Although bright blue is the most common color of cornflowers, some varieties may also have blue-purple, dark purple, white, or pink flowers. These flowering plants are good for gardeners with poor soil because birds prefer slender environments. Cornflowers respond to pruning by producing more blooms, just like other annuals. Make sure to allow the flowers to go to seed as soon as possible, as seen from the viewpoint of a bird. The seed that the birds drop or leave behind will sprout again the next year.

HI, I have grown some zinnias from seed. Some of them are tall and lanky, but they have grown quite lovely, and every morning I see that something is gnawing the petals right off of the blooms. This is very frustrating; I know that all kinds of butterflies and small butterflies are on them, but I cannot imagine that the butterflies are picking off the petals. The inside where the stamen is still there, but all the colorful petals are gone! I tried spraying with Sevin to make it taste bad for whatever is eating them up, but I fear that will leave my butterflies with a bad taste in their mouths. Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be that this specific bird, which prefers berries and cherries, is also damaging my zinnias? I once noticed it perched on the blooms.


Do goldfinches eat zinnia seeds?

Heading up my list of some of popular plants that provide great color as well seeds for hungry goldfinches is the zinnia. Also on this list are such favorites as coreopsis, coneflower, cosmos and asters.

Will birds eat flower seeds?

Soon you will see goldfinches and a host of other seed-eating birds bending the brown plant stalks down as they delicately remove the nutritious seeds from brown, withered seed heads. These forays into your flower garden will continue until all of the seeds are eaten.

What birds eat black eyed Susan seeds?

American Goldfinches are big fans of black-eyed Susan seeds and will adorn your garden with their own gold and black colors as they perch on the stalks picking out the tiny dark seeds. Other birds that are attracted to black-eyed Susan seeds include chickadees, Cardinals, White-breasted Nuthatches, and sparrows.

Will birds eat marigold seeds?

The one thing that they all have in common is large, cone-shaped centers filled with seeds. Goldfinches, in particular, love them. Marigold seeds are numerous and feed birds.