do birds eat weed plants

Birds have their pros and cons when it comes to your marijuana garden. They do some good by gobbling up unwanted critters on your marijuana plants. Birds on cannabis plants

These pests include worms, caterpillars, snails, and slugs (as well as many other harmful insects), which have the potential to chew up your precious plant. You can, therefore, see why birds might be useful to you as a marijuana grower.

On the other hand, birds like to eat something that is of the utmost importance to any marijuana grower who is planning for the future: seeds. Believe it or not, some species of birds even prefer to hunt out marijuana seeds specifically.

More often than not these birds are game birds, including passenger pigeons, morning doves, bobwhite quails, ringtail pheasants, hemp linnets, magpies, starlings, and tree sparrows. You may also see English sparrows, nuthatches, lesser spotted woodpeckers and even turtledoves. All of these birds prefer to eat marijuana seeds over other seeds, making them a serious problem for you.

There are other species that should be included in the list as well, so if it’s not on the list mentioned above, that doesn’t mean it will ignore your precious marijuana seeds.

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If you aren’t fertilizing your plants for future seeds at all, then you definitely won’t have an issue. Birds are there for one of two reasons: to eat up your marijuana plants’ seeds, or to consume the harmful and unwanted critters that are crawling all over your valuable plants.

Don’t panic if you spot a bird near your marijuana plants – when you’re growing outdoors, the presence of birds in nearby locations just comes with the territory. If you actually see them eating the seeds from your plants, however, you know you have a problem on your hands.

You also can keep an eye out for bird poop on or next to your plants. If there’s more than one, you can confidently assume that birds have been returning to your grow site.

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The two main reasons birds are in your crops are either to eat them or to eat the animals that are growing on them. Either way, you don’t really want them around. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to keep birds away from your marijuana plants, but we advise you to hold off on taking action until you are certain that birds are stealing your cannabis seeds. Here are a few tips:

Cannabis growers encounter numerous obstacles regardless of their level of expertise. Among the worst are, among other things, insects, unfavorable weather, problems with the soil, heat stress, and birds. After putting in so much effort, it’s unfortunate to have damaged or no crops at all, but it’s much worse knowing there was something you could have done to prevent it.

Any outdoor growing situation will inevitably result in the appearance of birds, so it won’t take much to determine whether or not they are interfering with and stealing from your crop. Birds visiting your grow isnt automatically a bad thing. Here are marijuana plant symptoms to watch out for:

Now, let’s not assume we’re talking about all birds here. More often than not, growers have problems with game birds. Although it may seem unlikely, there are numerous species that will actively search for cannabis seeds, so our struggle as growers is undoubtedly genuine. The flying attack on your marijuana seeds can occur almost immediately after they are ready for soil, leaving you with nothing to plant. In the event that you are also growing for seed, birds may attack as they develop. Birds are not really a problem for the grower because they do not deal with seeds. The birds most likely to give you issues include:

Cannabis farmers must take a variety of safety measures to guarantee that their crop is ready for harvest. Birds are a threat to outdoor plants because they can steal seeds and destroy your grow before it ever gets a chance to grow. Here are some tips to handle this threat from above.

How to get rid of birds

It is time to act if you can state with confidence that you have a bird problem. Putting scarecrows and other similar reflectors around your grow site, such as aluminum pie plates, tin cans, and old CDs, on a string and hanging them, could be helpful. Birds greatly dislike reflective objects. If you don’t have anywhere to hang them, consider nailing them to a few tall wooden stakes and putting those throughout your garden.

do birds eat weed plants

Cover all of your plants with netting to physically prevent birds from getting to your plants and their tasty seeds. Additionally, this has the benefit of discouraging other pests.

You will need to put up a birdfeeder if you truly want to divert the birds’ attention away from the tasty seeds on your plants. It should be positioned so that it is both distracting to your plants and far enough away from them to prevent them from being reminded of the other delicious treats in your marijuana garden.


Will birds eat weeds?

Weeds are both native and natural, and produce an abundant source of food for birds, both now and into the winter months ahead.

Do flies eat weed plants?

“Our findings demonstrate that, in proportion to their abundance, Cannabis sativa plants were consumed by sand flies much more frequently than expected.” “Presumably, because cultivation of C.

Do chickens eat weed plants?

Chickens That Are Fed Cannabis Leaves Show Higher Protein Contents And Fewer Diseases.

What birds are used for weed control?

Weed Control Finches, quail, towhees, sparrows, and doves all eat a wide range of seeds and will help keep weed growth minimized as they feed on natural seeds in the garden. Not only will they munch on fallen seeds, but they will also pick seeds right off the plants as well.