do birds eat lemons from trees

Can Birds Eat Lemons? The Answers Are Surprising…

do birds eat lemons from trees

You may be wondering what to feed your pet birds and what not to, or you may be searching for creative ways to supplement the diet of the wild birds in your garden. When thinking about various foods, you may occasionally ask yourself, “Can birds eat lemons?”

To put it succinctly, the answer is that some birds do, in fact, eat lemons from trees in the wild; however, species that are commonly found throughout most of the United States do not naturally consume lemons.

However, some birds will taste lemon even though it is not something they would normally eat. Most, though, will just not be interested in this sour fruit because they prefer sweeter varieties.

How To Feed Lemon or Other Citrus to Birds

When feeding lemon to backyard chickens, wild birds, or pet birds, you typically cut the fruit in half or into slices so the birds can get at the juice and flesh.

But as was already mentioned, oranges and other citrus fruits with a higher sugar content are typically preferred. These can also be sliced up and put in the garden or cut open and placed at a bird table.

Additionally, you can hang up dried lemon or other citrus fruit slices for birds to enjoy. For a wintertime treat for birds, how about making a bird feeder with fat and seeds from dried lemon scoops or other citrus halves?

Can Birds Eat Lemons?

When lemon trees are naturally found in an area, wild birds may occasionally peck at the lemons and drink the juice.

But because lemons are sour and acidic, other wild birds—even those that usually eat fruit—won’t always want to try them. As a result, most birds will steer clear of these fruits altogether in favor of sweeter snacks.

However, if lemons are broken open or lemon slices are hung in a garden, a few birds may sample a small amount of this very tart fruit.


What animal eats lemons off a tree?

Roof rats, also known as black rats, are agile climbers and will devour fruit right off your tree. They are known for eating the rinds from lemons, leaving the naked fruit still on the tree.

Do birds like fresh lemons?

Some birds will sip the juice from watery fruits such as citrus. Birds may eat fruits before they are fully ripe, and many birds will nibble on fruits long after they’ve become overripe, and even fermented. There are even numerous reports of fruit-loving birds gorging on fermented fruits to the point of intoxication!

Are lemon trees toxic to birds?

Citrus Trees Lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime trees are all safe for pet birds. They can chew the branches, stems, bark and leaves. The flowers are edible as well as the fruits.

Can birds taste lemon?

They may pick up a bit of lemon due to curiosity and taste them. But parrots only have about 250 taste buds. The average person has about 10,000 taste buds and they’re replaced every 2 weeks or so. Thus a parrot may not enjoy the flavor as much as humans although the texture and moisture will be attractive.