do bird boxes need a perch

Advantages of a Perch on a Birdhouse

  • Allows birds to more easily enter and exit a birdhouse.
  • Allows birds to rest comfortably by their house. Certain birds, such as purple martins, enjoy perching on or close to their homes.
  • Allows birds to more easily feed their young (their brood). When the food comes, young birds have a habit of gathering at the entrance. Sometimes, as a result of the confusion that surrounds the entrance hole, the parent bird unintentionally drops food on the ground. A birdhouse perch can reduce such incidents. Perch-equipped birdhouses decreased the quantity of dragonflies that unintentionally fell to the ground in a purple martin study.
  • gives birds a conspicuous place to watch for predators and protect their birdhouse.
  • gives birds a convenient place to make mate calls.
  • makes it easier for the adult birds to maintain their grip on the birdhouse and feed their young Especially, when large young ones are clustered around the entrance.
  • permits a bird to land with materials for a nest before pushing the materials inside

Disadvantages of a Perch on a Birdhouse

  • Unwanted birds or predators may find it simpler to enter the birdhouse with a perch. The majority of birds that nest in cavities can cling to a wooden birdhouse’s exterior, either with or without a perch.
  • A perch might be more dangerous for the young. For example, fledglings may be tempted to step out onto the perch to escape the heat even though they are not yet ready to fly. This puts them in danger from predators and could cause young fledglings to fall to the ground.

A round stick, wooden dowel, river cane, bamboo stalk, etc. makes the perfect perch for a birdhouse. between 1/4″-1/2″ (0. 6cm-1. 3cm) in diameter. The length of the birdhouse perch should be between 1. 5″-2″ (4cm-5cm) in length.

The perch of the birdhouse should be positioned one to two inches (2 5cm – 5cm) beneath the entrance hole.

General Nest Box Notes

  • No perch is necessary. Birds that use birdhouses don’t need them.
  • Predators can use the perches to hang onto the house while they search inside for eggs or young.
  • Woodpeckers, squirrels, and house sparrows are prevented from enlarging the entrance hole by metal portal plates.
  • To avoid our predominant winds, position the house such that the entrance hole faces south or southeast. Orient the house to receive morning sunlight for optimal warmth.
  • Use a baffle when mounting on a pole or post to provide additional protection from predators.

do bird boxes need a perch


Should you put a perch on a bird box?

Do not fix a perch on the front of any box, as this will encourage intruders. Birds don’t need a perch in order to use the box. By putting up nestboxes with different-sized holes, you’ll cater for a variety of species.

Should a birdhouse have a perch or no perch?

Stay away from any birdhouse with a perch. Birds don’t need them, and they only make it easier for predators or unwanted birds to get in.

Do you need to put anything in a bird box?

You can place a small handful of dry leaves, wood shavings or hay (not straw) in the box after it’s cleaned and dry because nest boxes may well get used for roosting during cold winter snaps by small birds such as tits or wrens.

What do you put in the bottom of a bird box?

To meet the needs of all nest box occupants, it is best to provide bedding in your nest boxes. Good options include (untreated) chipped wood and/or chipped bark (untreated), and wood shavings (untreated wood).