do badgers eat bird seed

How to feed badgers

Although badgers will find it easier to live on your patio if you pile food there, you might find it more interesting to spread it out across the lawn. You will have more time to observe badgers’ foraging and eating habits if they must smell the food. Don’t forget water.

Even during the winter, when other sources of water are frozen, provide badgers with an ample supply of fresh water at ground level.

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and to nature! I recently moved to Devon and every night, badgers come to my garden! They are destroying the bird bath and devouring all of the fat balls and peanuts. How can I stop them from consuming the bird food? Really enjoy seeing them but dont know much about them. I tried setting out some fruit, which they seemed to like, but they managed to pull down every bird feeder! Would be grateful for any advice.

What do badgers eat?

The main source of food for badgers is typically earthworms, which account for about 80% of their total diet. They can eat several hundred worms each night. However, because they are omnivores, they will consume nearly anything, including fruit, meat, bulbs, and bird eggs.

Their primary food source is earthworms, but they also consume slugs and insects. They possess an excellent sense of smell and sharp claws that enable them to retrieve grubs from beneath the soil’s surface.

Apples, pears, plums, and elderberries are among the fruit options. Elder bushes are frequently found growing close to the setts. Together with crops like wheat and sweet corn, they will also consume nuts, seeds, and acorns.

In addition to eating small animals like mice, rats, rabbits, frogs, toads, and hedgehogs, badgers have been observed to feed on animal cadavers and carrion. Their long claws and excellent sense of smell make them ideal for finding and penetrating small mammal burrows and nests. When food is scarce, badgers may also raid bins to obtain food.

If you’re fond of watching badgers in your garden, you can provide them with a variety of food options.

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You could give badgers raw peanuts or Brazil nuts (without salt or chocolate).

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Be cautious when providing food to any wild animal to avoid them becoming dependent on you.

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The Mustelidae family of carnivorous mammals, which also includes otters, pine martens, and weasels, is home to badgers.


Do badgers eat seeds?

They will eat nuts, seeds and acorns along with crops like wheat and sweetcorn. Badgers are known to eat small animals including mice, rats, rabbits, frogs, toads, and hedgehogs, and may take advantage of animal carcasses and carrion they come across.

What do badgers mostly eat?

They primarily feed on mice, ground squirrels and gophers. In fact, the badger is the only predator that can dig out the deep-burrowing pocket gopher. Badgers also eat snails, grasshoppers, bird eggs, honey, insect larvae and snakes.

What do badgers eat birds?

Badgers are carnivores that feed on ground squirrels, prairie dogs, marmots, and pocket gophers. Burrowing helps them reach their preferred prey. They have also been seen eating dead animals, insects, reptiles, birds, and other small mammals.

Do badgers like peanut butter?

Badgers love peanut butter and honey, but both sparingly and thinly spread on bread. They usually concentrate on dried pet food, peanuts, raisins and most fruit, including prunes and apples and pears sliced.