de bird bird repellent scare tape

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Details: QUICKLY CREATE A NO-GO AREA FOR PEST BIRDS: Use sturdy De-Bird Scare Tape to rid your property of pesky birds in a matter of minutes. This easy-to-use and efficient bird deterrent keeps birds from causing damage to your property by nesting, roosting, and making mess. A MUST HAVE ITEM FOR YOUR BIRD CONTROL ARSENAL: Reflective tape, endorsed by agricultural organizations and utilized by farmers and commercial growers nationwide, has shown to be incredibly successful in deterring birds from flying into crops, fruit trees, vines, and other areas where they cause problems. Birds are scared and confused by the tape’s creation of light and sound as it shimmers and moves in the wind, discouraging them from landing. As long as it’s there, birds will swiftly depart and stay away. Now homeowners can benefit from its super repellent powers. The majority of domestic birds, such as pigeons, woodpeckers, grackles, blackbirds, seagulls, ducks, herons, crows, ravens, and more, are repelled by tape. Double-sided tape comes in rolls that are 125 feet and 2 inches wide. Though commonly called tape, the surface needs to be tied into place because it is not adhesive. THE DE-BIRD DIFFERENCE By developing better bird proofing solutions and offering top-notch customer service, we hope to assist gardeners and homeowners in safely and simply solving their bird control issues. We make sure that our bird repellent products are up to the task by using the most robust materials and construction techniques available. After you make a purchase, our helpful and amiable staff will continue to support you to ensure the greatest outcomes. To prevent bird damage and mess on your property, click “Add to Cart” right now.

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Brand De-Bird
Color Black
Style Garden
Item Weight 1 Grams
Number of Pieces 125
Is Electric No
Target Species Birds, Pigeon
  • The extra thick, weatherproof holographic bird repellent devices are made to last.
  • Our bird deterrent devices outdoor are easy to set up. Just cut strips of flash tape & tie anywhere .
  • Installing bird reflectors outside can help you avoid paying for repairs caused by birds to your cars and house.
  • Use a bird nest stopper and geese deterrent devices to safely frighten birds away from your garden crops.
  • The reusable goose deterrent or pigeon deterrent tapes work on any size property.

de bird bird repellent scare tape

de bird bird repellent scare tape

de bird bird repellent scare tape


Does bird repellent scare tape work?

Bird Flash Tape is a cheap, visual method to deter woodpeckers and scare other nuisance birds away from a house or building. This is why the shiny tape doesn’t work; Bird Flash Tape is not adhesive but comes as a roll of shiny plastic or Mylar ribbon in a variety of widths because it’s cheaply made.

Does flash tape keep birds away?

Flash Tape is highly effective against flocking birds that are prone to attack young seedlings, fresh germinating seeds, or ripening fruit. Flash Tape is a visual bird deterrent made from an iridescent red mylar film.

What is the most effective bird deterrent?

Bird Spikes are a simple but effective deterrent for birds. The blunt, harmless spikes thwart birds’ efforts to land without harming them in any way. Spikes can be permanently or temporarily installed.

Does reflective tape scare sparrows?

Holographic Flash Tape is the simplest and most cost-effective bird control method you can buy. It is designed from commercial-grade Mylar. The tape is highly reflective and shiny and will cause a visual disturbance that scares the birds away.