can you trade galarian birds in pokemon go

Trading with friends is one of the best ways to get all of the Pokemon available in Pokemon GO, but some players are curious about legendary trades.

This is precisely how a fortunate player was able to add a Galarian Moltres to their team. Surprisingly, the trade also included some bonuses that others found astounding when they saw them in the social media post. Article continues after ad.

The elusive Galarian Legendary Birds have been a challenge for Pokemon Go players to locate and capture since their release in the summer of 2022. The birds, who are linked to the Daily Adventure Incense, all have a propensity to take off as soon as they are noticed and have poor catch rates, which can make it challenging to manage a successful throw.

Galarian Birds are still difficult for Pokemon Go players to catch, but one fortunate player has struck it rich after a trade gives their team a Perfect, Lucky Galarian Moltres.

Some fans are still focused on getting their hands on the rare Galarian Birds in Pokemon Go, even though many have moved on to more recent debuts like Kecleon. Fortunately, there is a way to get around the frustrating battle mechanics and low encounter rates: find someone willing to trade. Article continues after ad.

How Much Stardust To Trade Legendary Pokemon

can you trade galarian birds in pokemon go

The starting price for trading Legendaries is an astounding 1,000,000 Stardust. If the player who receives the Pokemon already has that Legendary Pokemon registered in their Pokedex, this cost can be lowered to 20,000. This price will decrease even more as players grow closer to one another.

This is a helpful chart, where “Registered” and “New” refer to the player who will be getting the Legendary:

Friendship Level



Good Friends ♥



Great Friends ♥♥



Ultra Friends ♥♥♥



Best Friends ♥♥♥♥



Pokemon that are traded in different forms, such as Giratina or Armored Mewtwo, or event costumes that the recipient player hasn’t yet acquired are also counted as unregistered.

Occasionally, time-limited events offer friendship-related benefits. The trade price is rarely discounted, so be sure to keep a watch on it.

Players can only make one Special Trade per day. These Special Trades are any of the following:

  • Unregistered Pokemon
  • Legendaries
  • Ultra Beasts
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Unregistered forms or costumed Pokemon

The Special Trade limit is lowered during certain special occasions, permitting multiple transactions each day.

These costs might seem high, but they come in handy if someone tries to steal Pokemon from an account that has been compromised.


Can you trade Galarian zapdos in Pokemon GO?

Special Trades are reserved for Legendary Pokemon like Articuno or Zapdos, and Shiny Pokemon. You can’t trade Mythical Pokemon at all in Pokemon Go.

What Pokémon Cannot be traded in Pokemon GO?

Mythical Pokémon (like Mew) and Pokémon that have previously been traded once before cannot be traded. Trainers that log in using Niantic Kids or Pokémon Trainer Club may need to enable social features in the Niantic Kids Parent Portal or Pokémon Trainer Club website.

Can you get multiple Galarian birds?

Some players have also had similar unlucky encounters with Galarian Legendary Birds, but others have been fortunate enough to catch multiple of them.