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There are three levels of falconry permits: apprentice, general and master. All falconers must have proper facilities and federal and state permits before possessing a bird. Apprentice falconers must practice the sport under a general or master level sponsor for two years before upgrading to general class. Apprentice falconers must capture their birds from the wild; general and master level falconers can obtain birds through a breeding project or from another falconer.

Raptor Propagation: These permits authorize raising birds of prey for use in the sport of falconry. Permittees must have at least five years of experience in the sport and adequate facilities to house breeding birds.

Nonresident Raptor Trapper: This permit allows falconers who have current resident-state and federal falconry permits to come to Texas and trap a bird of prey during the trapping season.

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Virginia. Visits to the premises are by appointment only. PHONE: (540)742-1591; HOME: (304)258-0148; E-MAIL: jjcaldwell75@gmail; CONTACT Jason Caldwell, Owner com It’s best to give Jason a call on his cell phone. Please leave a voicemail if he is not available, and he will return your call as soon as possible. SPECIES FOR SALE.

BREEDING FACILITY: Our birds are kept in spacious rooms with adequate shade and natural light throughout the year. In the winter, heat lamps are used when the low temperatures call for them. Each pair has access to fresh water daily. Cameras are installed in every chamber to monitor all activity within. ORDERING A BIRD: We prefer local pickup of our birds, but we can ship them if necessary. A $200 deposit is required to hold a bird. We take credit cards, cash apps, and personal checks as forms of payment. Please make checks payable to Hawkeye Enterprises. Note: Credit card payments will be charged an additional 3. 9% for bank charges. Final payments must be made at the time of pickup or two weeks prior to shipment. Final payments, if the bird is picked up, might be made in cash. Deposits are not refundable within five weeks of the date of shipment or pickup. Shipping fees average approximately $160. In Dulles, Virginia, at Dulles/International Airport, we typically ship from Delta Cargo. Note: We do not ship internationally. Travel crates are an additional $45. Furthermore, there may be an additional cost for health certificates based on state requirements. DNA sexing is available for an additional $20.

Nonresident Raptor Trapper: During the trapping season, falconers with valid resident-state and federal permits may enter Texas with this permit in order to capture a prey bird.

Raptor Propagation: These licenses allow the rearing of prey birds for use in falconry competitions. A minimum of five years of experience in the sport and sufficient facilities to house breeding birds are prerequisites for obtaining a permit.

Permits for falconry come in three levels: apprentice, general, and master. Before owning a bird, all falconers need to have the necessary facilities and federal and state permits. Before moving up to the general class, apprentice falconers must train for two years under a general or master level sponsor. While general and master level falconers can obtain birds through a breeding project or from another falconer, apprentice falconers must capture their birds in the wild.

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Can I own a bird of prey?

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits any person from taking, possessing, purchasing, bartering, selling, or offering to purchase, barter, or sell, among other things, raptors (birds of prey) listed in §10.13 of this subchapter unless the activities are allowed by Federal permit issued under this part and part 13 of …

Can you have any bird of prey as a pet?

Raptors are not pets, and they do not behave like parrots. They are predators, and as such they are inherently dangerous and are forever wild. Raptors taken from the wild are always considered “wild raptors” and cannot be sold, but they may be gifted to other falconers.

Is it legal to own a falcon in USA?

General Class falconers may take and possess any species of Falconiform or Strigiform except a golden eagle, a bald eagle a white-tailed eagle or a Steller’s sea eagle. General falconers may possess captive bred individuals and hybrids of the species that General Class falconers are allowed to possess.

Can I have a hawk as a pet?

Hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls are all covered by federal law, which forbids you from having any native North American bird as a pet, or even having a single feather unless you are a Native American (Native Americans are allowed wild bird feathers as religious objects, and you can’t just claim you’re Native American, …