can wild birds eat blueberries

Birds of all shapes and sizes benefit from variety in their daily diet. The foundation of your pet bird’s diet should be a high-quality diet that provides uniform nutrition in every bite. But, that doesn’t mean that other foods aren’t important and beneficial! Fresh fruit, for example, is great for adding variety and valuable nutrients to your feathered friend’s daily nutrition.

Flash Tape

Flash tape is essentially just what it sounds like: foil or Mylar strips that flap in the wind to frighten away birds. The birds dislike the tape’s shine, so anything that moves helps deter birds from entering the area.

  • Pros: Foil tape is inexpensive, humane, and relatively unobtrusive.
  • Cons: In order to access a fresh berry buffet, if the birds are sufficiently hungry, they may venture close to the tape. Over time, birds learn to ignore the flash tape.

can wild birds eat blueberries

The Spruce / Alandra Chavarria

CDs or Aluminum Pie Plates on a String

This technique works on the same principle as the Mylar flash tape: bright, moving objects will scare away any vulpine birds in the vicinity. To use this method, just make a hole in a pie plate or tie a piece of string through the hole in a CD, then hang it from a fence or post close to your berries.

  • Pros: Movement and shine will frighten most birds off. This technique offers an excellent chance for recycling as well, as it allows you to utilize used aluminum pie plates and CDs.
  • Cons: This is almost anything but unobtrusive. And just like with the flash tape method, this approach won’t keep birds away for very long if they are extremely hungry.

Bird Feeders

This idea’s basic tenet is that birds will leave your food alone if you give them their own. If you place one or more feeders close to your berry patch, the birds will visit the feeders rather than scavenging your harvest.

  • Advantages: Bringing birds into your garden can help you manage insect pests, just like the bird bath idea does.
  • Cons: Once you’ve drawn hungry birds, they may notice the gorgeous berries nearby and feast on them if you’re not careful about keeping the feeders full. The bird feeder might attract more birds to your garden.

can wild birds eat blueberries

The Spruce / Alandra Chavarria


Are blueberries safe for wild birds?

Birds like to feed on strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and whatever other edible fruits you might be growing. These garden and orchard fruits are as tasty and nutritious to birds (and many other creatures) as they are to us.

What berries can birds not eat?

Nandina berries contain cyanide and other alkaloids that produce highly toxic hydrogen cyanide (HCN) which is extremely poisonous to all animals. Sudden death may be the only sign of cyanide poisoning and death usually comes in minutes to an hour.

Will cardinals eat fresh blueberries?

Cardinals eat many different foods. They are not known to be picky. They eat birdseed along with insects and select fruits. Natural fruits that attract these birds include blueberry bushes, mulberry trees, and other dark-colored berries.

Can wild birds eat fruit?

Fresh grapes, bananas, cherries, and berries may all be taken by orioles, robins, Cape May Warblers, and other birds with a sweet beak. You can use fresh fruit or frozen, as long as it isn’t frozen in juices. Cutting larger fruits into bite-sized pieces can make them more desirable.