can emus get bird flu

Emmanuel the emu does not have the avian flu as was suspected, but instead has been experiencing high levels of stress after a strain struck dozens of fellow birds on the farm, his owner has said.

“Emmanuel Todd Lopez tested negative for avian influenza at 2 separate labs, swab, fecal and blood.” Taylor Blake, the owner of Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida, said last Saturday. “He does not have the virus, and is not actively shedding the virus.”

She continued, “We believe this all stemmed from stress. Emus are highly susceptible to stress. He was incredibly overwhelmed by the state coming in and euthanizing our flock.”

Emmanuel became a viral sensation for his behavior interrupting Blakes TikTok videos and attacking the phone while Blake was filming.

A wave of avian flu killed more than 50 birds in just three days. Only two birds survived, Blake said

Many of the birds had to be euthanized, and Emmanuel did not eat for days afterward. What food he did eat later, Blake had to give him, as he has not been able to eat food on his own. He later collapsed from weakness due to a lack of nutrition and had been “thrashing on the ground for hours, trying to get himself up,” Blake said.

Though, in the most recent tweet on Blakes account, she said Emmanuel is now able to reposition himself and drink water on his own.

“Ive dedicated the past 10 days to saving my best friends life, and its working,” she said. “Hes fighting. Hes getting stronger. I couldve listened to the negative comments and given up, but I didnt, and Im proud of myself. I trusted myself. I trusted God.”

She declared, “I’ve spent the last ten days trying to save my best friend’s life, and it’s working.” “Hes fighting. Hes getting stronger. I’m proud of myself for persevering even though I could have given up after reading the unfavorable remarks. I trusted myself. I trusted God. “.

Because of his actions, which included attacking the phone and interfering with Blake’s TikTok videos while Blake was filming, Emmanuel went viral.

Emmanuel the emu, according to his owner, has been under a lot of stress following a strain that affected numerous other birds on the farm, not the avian flu as was initially thought.

She continued, “We believe this all stemmed from stress. Emus are highly susceptible to stress. He was completely taken aback by the state intervening and killing our flock. “.

In just three days, a bird flu outbreak claimed the lives of over fifty birds. Only two birds survived, Blake said.

“Look we all love Emmanuel the Emu but he has avian flu. It’s transmissible to humans and other animals,” a Twitter user wrote. “And it’s deadly. The absolute last thing his owners, with other birds and animals in their care, should be doing is kissing his face.”

The bird flu strain that is currently circulating, H5N1, is extremely contagious and can be fatal to birds. In addition, compared to previous outbreaks, it is spreading to new locations and affecting a wider variety of species.

“That would be a first if it did actually shift or transmit from the emu to its owner, who is obviously very affectionate with it,” Hill said. “Historically, we’ve actually never had a transmission directly from a wild bird to a human.”

Avian influenza is spread by geese and other waterfowl, which can do so by droppings, mucus, and saliva.

Experts stated that although there is little chance of a caregiver contracting avian influenza from a single animal, the virus is known to mutate frequently and may eventually evolve to become more adept at infecting humans. Two human cases of H5N1 have been reported recently: one inmate in Colorado who had been culling poultry, and one asymptomatic person who raised birds in England.


Can emus get avian flu?

Multiple bird species including chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, emus, Guinea fowl and peafowl were exposed. As a result of this outbreak, 360 birds died from AI, and another 59 were culled.

What happened to the emu with bird flu?

She announced that he was negative for the bird flu writing, “Emmanuel Todd Lopez tested negative for Avian Influenza at 2 separate labs, swab, fecal and blood. He does not have the virus, and is not actively shedding the virus God is good! Thank you for the prayers, the kind words, and the support.

What animals can have bird flu?

Bird flu viruses have in the past been known to sometimes infect mammals that eat (presumably infected) birds or poultry, including but not limited to wild animals, such as seals, bears, foxes, skunks; farmed mink; stray or domestic animals, such as cats and dogs; and zoo animals, such as tigers and leopards.

What diseases can emus get?

Coccidiosis is common in chicks but may also be observed occasionally in adults. Emus are also susceptible to ascarids, other types of intestinal worms, and protozoa. Like other bird residents, emus are susceptible to fungal infections such as aspergillosis.